Will Medicare or Medicaid Pay for Recliners?

Will Medicare or Medicaid Pay for Recliners?

Recliners are one of the most helpful aids for Seniors. They are used to relax and facilitate the sitting down and getting up function and treat conditions such as balancing issues, mobility problems, arthritis, body soreness, and pain. Now, the question is, what does the recliner chair cost, and if Medicare covers it?

Well, if your doctor prescribes the need for a recliner for you, then under Medical Insurance (Medicare Part B) or Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C), the seat lifting mechanism is covered by Medicare. 

However, there are many rules and regulations to it. 

Read on this blog to get a clear idea about the entire process of Medicare.

Does Medicare cover recliners?

Nearly 80% of the cost of the recliner is covered by Medicare which is around $300. However, it is advisable to check state-specific norms of Medicare coverage information for details. The remaining amount of the recliner chair cost will be be born by the consumer.

What are the Medicare requirements for recliners?

Medicare sets a criterion to avail reimbursement of the lift chair. Read on.

  1. You must possess Medical Insurance, the Part B of Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan, Part C of Medicare.

  2. You must buy the recliner from a Medicare-participating supplier.

  3. You must have a medical prescription from a Medicare-approved doctor stating the need for the recliner due to your health condition.

  4. The medical prescription must include either of the following reasons:

    • You are unable to stand up from a regular chair by yourself.

    • You are going through severe knee arthritis.

    • You have pain and immobility in the hip bone.

    • You are only able to walk with the help of a device.

  5. Your medicare-participant doctor must submit the claim after completing Sections B and D to Medicare under Medicare Form CMS-849, i.e., Certificate of Medical Necessity(download) for Seat Lift Mechanisms Form.


In what cases are recliners not covered by Medicare?

The recliners are not covered under Medicare in the following cases:

  • If you are hospitalized or are staying at a nursing home

  • In case you have already claimed Medicare(check status) for another motorized device such as a scooter or wheelchair

  • If there is a spring device mechanism in the recliner to help you lift out


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