Split King Bed Frame Review – Is this Adjustable Bed Frame Worth To Buy?

Split King Bed Frame Review

Find out if a BlissFull Night split king bed frame is right for you! Read the full review of split king size electric adjustable bed frame here!!!

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Many couples struggle to find the perfect bed to suit each of their sleep patterns. For couples, the best recommendation is to opt for a split king adjustable bed to get a peaceful and comfortable sleep.


Upgrading to an adjustable base elevates your head and legs into a specific position that helps you sleep better.  This flexibility makes adjustable beds worth the cost. 

Specifically, the split king bed enhances comfort and helps to meet individual sleep preferences. The best part is to have a frame and mattress that allows each person to adjust the settings for their side independently.

What is a Split King Adjustable Bed frame?

A Split King Adjustable Bed frame is designed to satisfy the sleeping requirements of 2 people at the same point. 

It consists of 2 XL twin beds that are connected to form one king-size bed.

The 2 separate mattresses allow your partner to adjust the position of each side of the bed, without disturbing the other one. It’s one of the most preferred home care products for the elderly.

Split King Adjustable Bed Frame - The Basics

The split king bed frame size for both sides are 37.5″ x 79″ which offers enough space for the person to sleep comfortably. 

The bed comes with a full XL twin adjustable base and requires two long foam mattress. 

Each base can handle weight up to 750lb to 1500lbs total weight limit. Both the adjustable bases can be synced to operate as large adjustable king bed frames.

split king adjustable bed frame with headboard

Headboards are an easy way to customize your bed frames. Today, headboards are considered as a space-filler not only for a big wall but also between the bed and wall.

Most headboards easily attach to the adjustable bed base by screwing into the frame.

There are several options of headboards available to attach to the bed frame and are also available in adjustable height options from 34 to 46 inches.

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Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Frame - Description

BlissFul Night Split King Adjustable Bed Base has a German designed motor for low sound and smooth operations.

Each base can handle weight up to 750 lb to 1500 lbs total weight limit. Both the bases can be synced to operate as a large adjustable king bed frame. 

This adjustable bed base with remote simply allows you to adjust your sleeping positions and support activities or exercises you do in bed like eating, reading, or watching tv. 

The remote settings include head and foot up/down buttons and a one-touch function that returns the bed back to a flat position. 

It also comes with independent control of the head and foot inclination. 

BlissFull Nights Split king Bed Frame
BlissFul Night Split King Bed Base

The head degrees range from flat to 65 degrees and foot positioning has a range of 0-35 degrees.

The inclination elevates your head to relieve snoring problems and finds you a perfect position to reduce pregnancy discomfort as well. 

The bed is constructed of a steel frame and has an adjustable leg height of 6″-9″-12″. The adjustable legs allow the base to fit in every bed frame offering the appearance of an usual foundation.

It comes with a foot retainer bar that helps you to keep the mattress in one place. It is easy to set up and requires no extra tools to position it. 

An adjustable split king frame with massage features are also available in many stores and also can be found online on Wayfair or Amazon.

Blissful Nights Split King Bed Frame Features and Specs


  • Head-Up Foot Up

  • Wireless Remote

  • Whisper Quiet Motors

  • Dual Massage

  • 4 Part Adjustable Leg

  • No Tools Assembly

  • Under Bed Light

What We Like

  • Super-easy assembly
  • Operation of the motors is smooth and very quiet
  • Best Under Bed Lights

What We Don't Like

Product is too heavy

Watch A Video On BlissFul Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Frame Setup 

BlissFul Night Split King Adjustable Bed frame Reviews - What Users Are Saying?

The majority of reviews for this king size adjustable bed were excellent.

The high-quality base of the split king bed was found the best among the beds of a similar price range.

According to the BlissFul night split king reviews on Amazon, the users found it very easy to assemble and set up in their rooms.

The motor system was found to be very quiet, smooth, and easy to use at night.

However, many adjustable bed frame reviews also showed the issues with the mattress sliding off the bed base. Overall, it was worth the buy.


Split king Adjustable Bed Pros

Good for couple sleep

These bed frames are an amazing choice for the individual couple’s preferences. They are a great option because they don’t transfer movement or motion like a traditional bed. The mattress offers sleep requirements for every type of sleeper. Meaning, your loved one can sleep according to their preferences at the same time.

If your partner suffers from sleep apnea, they can elevate their side of the bed to open up their body to get a comfortable sleep.


The split king mattress has features that are not included in a regular king-size bed. The elevation feature can not be matched. You can easily adjust the base of the bed, you can sit, read, or help your posture while your loved one remains unmoved. This type of adjustable frame also offers wireless remote control with cooling features and zero gravity adjustments as well.


Waking up on the other side of the adjustable base bed is not a problem with the split king bed. However, there is a built-in barrier that will stop the other person from trespassing on your sleep territory.

Additionally, you can always bring the barrier down. Easier to move this adjustable base breaks up the heavy pain of moving the mattress. It is as simple as moving your twin. It is easy to move when unboxed just the process has to be done twice. The frames can be broken down into a portable size however you still have to deal with the mattress.

Easy to move

This is the best option for people who are constantly traveling from one location to another. These mattresses are 2 different parts, so they are easy to carry from one place to another.

Space just for you

Personal space is needed and is essential for many people. If you do not like to share your personal space, then this is the best option for you.

Stops Motion Transfers

A split king mattress is the best option for couples who are disturbed by their partner’s constant turning and tossing.

When you choose a split king mattress, no matter who moves next to you, the feeling of motion transfer is not there.

Easy adjustment and replacement

Since these mattresses are 2 different mattresses, they can be replaced and exchanged separately without disturbing the other one.

You can get a memory foam mattress for your side and a latex mattress on the other side.

Entertainment on bed

The mattress is loved due to its flexibility and accessibility for every kind of position to obtain entertainment in the bed.

Plus, the frames are designed with USB ports for easy access. Each couple can access their desired position by remote control.

Problems with Split King Adjustable Beds And How To overcome it

Despite all the advantages of using the dual adjustable bed, the main problem stands, how to keep the mattresses together?

Mattress Moves Slightly

Many people do not experience the movement of their mattress however some people notice their mattress has been moved slightly, which can be frustrating. 

Firstly, It is essential to know that an adjustable split king bed is made of twin XL mattresses.

The mattress is lighter in weight and can slide a bit for people who tend to move a lot while sleeping. 

Here are a few tips to overcome this little difficulty!

1. Adjust the Connector

Many split king adjustable bed frames are provided with an iron plate connector.

This allows you to adjust the bed according to your preference.

Adjusting the connector to make more space between the bed’s base will prevent the mattress from moving off the bases.

2. Use a non-slip mattress pad

These pads are grippy and can be found in any bed store including many online retailers like Amazon.

Place the mattress pad between the base and mattress to keep things from moving around.

3. Use a proper fitted bed frame For Split King Adjustable Bed

The best adjustable split king bed frame comes with a headboard, footboard, and side rails to frame your bed.

Using the correct size of the bed frame and high rails can keep your mattress in one place. 

Complicated Assembly

They are not easy to set up. With a split king adjustable base, you may have to figure out how the bed’s base works and play with it till you can find the right setting or you can reach out to customer service care through mails or phone.

Split in middle

Though many couples enjoy their personal space on the bed, cuddly couples may not want to buy it. The split in the middle may cause couples to feel disconnected from their partners.

Special Bedding

You won’t be able to keep your same sheet set if you are buying a new split king bed for your bedroom. You will have to buy new dual sheets which can be inconvenient more than anything. You will likely end up buying twin XL sheets meaning spending a little bit more than usual.

Split king Bed Frame Alternatives on Amazon

Split King Adjustable Bed Mattress

When you split a king-size mattress in half, the mattress formed is called a split king mattress. 

These mattresses are used on an adjustable bed base.  The split king mattress size is of the same size as the bed frame but it is divided down from the middle, forming two separate beds. 

Here are some basic dimensions of a twin mattress, king, and split king. 

TWIN XL MATTRESS: 38 x 80 in

KING MATTRESS: 76 x 80 in


 California King Mattress: Longer and more narrow at 72 x 84 in

The mattress of the split king bed contains two twin XL beds placed side by side.

This type of adjustable bed is a perfect option for couples with different sleep patterns and also improves sleep quality without disturbing the partner’s comfort and support. 

Also, remember to choose a mattress that comes with 100-night sleep trial advantages and a long period of warranty. 

Our Top Favorite King Memory Foam Mattresses


Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed with mattress

Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed

Best luxury Mattress

Dynasty Mattress - Split Head King

Best Cooling Mattress

LUCID King Latex Hybrid Mattress

Lucid King Mattress

Common FAQ'S

The split king adjustable mattress needs two twin sheets and one king flat sheet to fit on the adjustable bed. However, it may be frustrating to find sheets like this and maybe more expensive than the regular ones. 

A split king bed is a two twin size mattress put together to perform like a king-size bed. However, the measurements may alter, most split kings use XL size making a track of 38" x 80".

Adjust the iron plate connector, many split kings come with a connector. You can also use a non-slip mattress pad, they are grippy and can stop the sliding of the mattress. Also, you can use Non-slip tape under the mattress on the bed base.

The beds are available in five industry regular sizes with 3 levels of features. The queen adjustable bed bases range from $1,199 to $2,499 whereas the king-size bed bases range from $1,999 to $4,299

The adjustable bed is a worthy expense for different kinds of sleepers. However, they are more useful for seniors who suffer from chronic pain or therapeutic injuries. Twin beds are often a good choice for seniors who are sleeping singularly.

A king-size bed offers couples more personal space whereas a split king size bed lets the couple customize their side of the bed. The major difference between them is that a king-size bed is made of one mattress whereas the split king requires two mattresses pushed together. 

It is a mattress foundation made up of 2 separate pieces arranged side-by-side.

Split box springs are generally designed for delivery purposes.

Consider a split box when you have to get your mattress delivered through tight doorways, staircases, or through narrow spaces. 

You may find queen size box springs that come in both split and whole type, whereas, king size mattresses utilize only split foundations. 

The base layer is designed with a layer of padded fabric.

These are the best options for people who move more frequently or need extra durability. 

However, they are not a good option for sensitive sleepers or for those who need lower setups. 

Yes, they do use two box springs for king size beds. The brand uses 2 twin extra long box springs that are 38 x 80 inches each. 

These are then placed beneath a 76 x 80 king mattress. 

Packages, Deals, Prices & Where to Buy Split King Bed Frame

We found that Blissful night offers the most budget-friendly adjustable beds options in the market.

Some of the competitors may offer you $100 less in similar bed options and even a $1000 less if you choose an expensive adjustable bed. 

Online retailers like Amazon sell split king adjustable beds and also offer great deals and models you can buy.


A split king adjustable bed frame is a good investment when you want to share a sleep space.

Each individual gets a personalized night without disturbing the sleep partner. 

If current accommodation does not work for you then consider the switch to a split bed. Make sure you choose the frame and the mattress that offers long term warranty.

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