Best 4 Wheel Walkers With Seat Of 2021 – Reviews, Costs & Comparison

Best Overall

Drive Medical

Drive Medical 4 Wheel walker

Best Bariatric

Medline Standard

Medline Standard Adult Steel Folding Rollator Walker​

Best Light-Weight

Hugo Elite

Hugo 4 Wheel Walker

We’ve rounded up here the best 4 wheel walker with seat reviews available in the market to help you find the best option.

Mobility is a common issue for seniors who are aging in place. A versatile rollator allows seniors to maintain their active lifestyle.

Study[1] shows that using a 4 wheel walker can aid mobility and can reduce the risk of falls.

Seniors dealing with balance or mobility issues find the use of walkers a safe and cost-effective way to maintain their health.

Best 4 Wheel Rollators of 2021

Drive Medical 10257BL-1 Four Wheel Walker Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support
Our Score
18.6 pounds
Weight Capacity
300 lbs
More Information
Drive Medical 10257RD-1 Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support, Red
Our Score
19 lbs
Weight Capacity
350 pounds
More Information
Medline Standard Adult Steel Folding Rollator Walker Aid with 8 Inch Wheels, Red
Our Score
21.6 pounds
Weight Capacity
300 lbs
More Information
Drive Medical RTL0266-T Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker, Tall Height, Red 1 Count
Our Score
17.5 pounds
Weight Capacity
300 lbs
More Information
NOVA Medical Products Zoom Rollator Walker
Our Score
16 lb
Weight Capacity
300 lb
More Information
Vive Rollator Walker - Folding 4 Wheel Medical Rolling Walker with Seat & Bag - Mobility Aid for Adult, Senior, Elderly & Handicap - Aluminum Transport Chair (Black)
Our Score
Weight Capacity
300 lbs
More Information

Table of Contents

What Is A 4 Wheel Walker?

A 4 wheel walker gives you the strength to balance and to walk continuously without strenuous efforts.

The wheels allow you to walk smoothly and faster than you could with a wheel-less walker.

There are a few different types of wheeled walkers you can consider nowadays.

They are also called rollators, as it ensures easy movements despite any kind of mobility the user has.

4 wheel walker

However, buying a 4 wheel walker for seniors can be challenging, especially if you are purchasing it for the first time.

Our goal is to make your buying as simple as possible. We have looked at various options and have compiled the best 4-wheel walkers with seats to get you the most reliable options available.

Here are the six best rollators you can grab on!

#1 Best Overall - Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator

Keeping the Drive Medical tradition and value, this 4 wheel walker rollator with folding and detachable back support is driving the sale when it comes down to the quality, design, and value.

The Drive Medical 4 wheel walker is mostly recommended for seniors who seek support, strength, comfort, and durability with a slight touch of elegance.

It is delivered with comfortable seating along with a handy pouch which can be used as a storing space for personal items. 

The 4 wheel walker comes with a padded backrest that is linked and is detachable by folding up or down. 

The walker consists of a 7.5-inch wheel caster which is non-marring and is an ideal option for uneven indoor and outdoor areas providing maximum comfort and strong support to the seniors driving. 

The walker can hold up to 300lbs and has a handle height of 31-37 inches with seat dimensions of 12×12 inches.

You also get the best ergonomic handle system that can be adjusted according to the height of the person using. 

This makes the gripping handles accessible and easy to use which automatically reduces unwanted pressure on hands and joints. With this 4 wheel walker rollator, you need not overstretch yourself while traveling as the wheelchair offers you a moment to rest any time or anywhere you go.

What We Like

What We don't Like


Drive Medical Rollator



BRAKES:  No Locking Brakes

HANDLE HEIGHTS: Good for average to a tall person (31″-37″) 

LIGHTWEIGHT/HEAVY: Heavier for Elderly People

WHEELS: Larger wheels and hence good for outdoors


ASSEMBLY: Easy assembly

COMPLAINT: Lifting a walker in and out of the car can be challenging

BEST FOR: Outdoors

Customer Reviews

Image source : Amazon

There are 21,4576 reviews on Amazon, 1456 reviews on google, and 1326 reviews on other platforms like Walmart, home depot. The vast majority are very positive. Users loved the stability this walker provides when going outdoors. Some users are disappointed with the weight of the walker.

#2 Best Bariatric - Medline Standard Adult Steel Folding Rollator Walker

Medline’s first mobility rollator is second on our list. This mobility walker with a seat offered by Medline is an ideal option for any senior with a mobility issue.

It provides stability and reduces stress on the body which helps elder people to walk faster and farther. 

This 4 wheel walker comes with a cushioned seat and has a useful storage pouch under the seat to store needy items. 

The rollator weighs 19 pounds and is made up of strong steel with durable quality and has a reinforced steel frame that can easily accommodate seniors up to 350 pounds. hence its best for bariatric people

The 4 wheel walker rollator is made compatible with both indoor-outdoor terrains. 

It ensures proper folding abilities and comes with a proper storage bag for easy transport. The padded backrest and seat offer the capability to rest for your loved ones.

What We Like

What We don't Like


Medline Standard Adult Folding rollator



BRAKES: Locking brakes

HANDLE HEIGHTS: Good for tall and average person (31″- 35″) 

LIGHTWEIGHT/HEAVY: Light in weight

WHEELS: Larger Wheels  (8 inches)


ASSEMBLY: Easy assembly

COMPLAINT: It folds one way and hence there may be an issue to transport in the  car

BEST FEATURE: Mobility and for Bariatric people

Customer Reviews

Image source : Amazon

There are around 505 customer reviews on Amazon and a few are available online on eBay, Walmart, and other platforms. According to reviews, the customers loved the product and is mostly recommended by elderly people. However, some people faced difficulty with the larger wheels sliding on the carpet or the bathroom floor

#3 Best Light Weight - Hugo Elite Portable 4 Wheel Walker

The Hugo portable rollators provides you the mobility, portability, and convenience that you require in a walker.

This heavy-duty walker with seats and wheels is highly suitable for those who have a critical arthritis situation or for seniors who have balance issues. 

The rollator is designed with a 2-inch flexible seat that offers a comfortable place to rest. Additionally, this mobility rollator has a storage pack under the seat that gives security for your personal belongings. 

These foldable 4-wheel walker rollators have adaptable handlebars that provide proper ergonomic handgrips. This feature places your hands in a natural position and gives easy access to the hand brakes. 

The rollator’s weight capacity is around 300 pounds. It consists of 8-inch wheels which gives reliable safety and security while walking outdoors as well as indoors. It also includes a storage bag under the seat for your personal belongings. 

If you have a good budget, then Hugo Mobility rollator walker is the smart choice.

What We Like

What We don't Like


Hugo Elite Rollator



BRAKES: Locking brakes

HANDLE HEIGHTS: Good for the tall and average person. Button adjustment on handles to get access to different users 

LIGHTWEIGHT/HEAVY: Light in weight

WHEELS: Larger wheels that can take you anywhere  (8 inches)

FIT THROUGH STANDARD DOOR FRAMES: For narrow doorways, you can turn the rear wheels in to make it 2 inches narrower.

ASSEMBLY: Directions for assembly are poorly written and hence a bit tricky to assemble.

COMPLAINT: Some users complaint that is harder to load and unload in the car 

BEST FEATURE:  Lightweight, Best for handicapped

Customer Reviews

Image source : Amazon

The reviews for Hugo Mobility rollator were quite good. Almost 85% of reviews on Amazon, Walmart, top 5 were very positive and most of the people spoke about the sturdiness of the rollator. There were few complaints that the rollator may be difficult to fold down to put into the car.

#4 Best Foldable - Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker

Drive Medical’s Nitro Euro is mostly suitable for the people who travel often. This 4 wheel rollator is designed for tall height users and for those who seek comfort and convenience.

Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker is made up of a strong lightweight aluminum frame which makes it a durable and high-quality rollator.

This aluminium rollator can be easily moved around all kinds of surfaces giving an unmatched value, comfort, independence, and ease to travel.

Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker is designed with large wheels that are attached at the front, giving access and convenience of getting over all kinds of terrains indoors and outdoors. 

These rolling walkers weight capacity is up to 300 lbs and it just weighs around 17.5 pounds.

The adjustable backrest and handles conform to the self’s needs of each user, thereby enabling you to customize as per your height with an easy unique height button.

 This 4 wheel walker with a seat is easy to transport and can be folded easily with one hand.

Additionally, it provides a detachable zippered storage pouch under the seat. 

What We Like

What We don't Like


Hugo Elite Rollator



BRAKES: Locking brakes

HANDLE HEIGHTS: Good for tall and average person – (36 – 41 inches)

LIGHTWEIGHT/HEAVY: Light in weight

WHEELS: Wheels are a little too large for indoor use. (10-inch front casters)

FIT THROUGH STANDARD DOOR FRAMES: Can maneuver well around narrow doors

ASSEMBLY: Arrives with completely assembled parts

COMPLAINT: Too big wheels are a bit difficult to make moves.

BEST FEATURE: Easy to fold and a stable walker

Customer Reviews

Image source : Amazon

Most of the customer reviews that we got on Amazon, Walmart, and other platforms says that the product worked very well. Few users said that the brakes are not stable.

You can also look for lightweight folding mobility scooter for people who cannot walk for long distances and have mobility issues. 

#5 Best for Indoor and Outdoor Use - Nova Zoom Rollator Walker

Nova Zoom Rollator walker is designed for maximum stability and the best highlights and style. The hand brakes are created with optimum comfort and control.

They are easy to grip and require minimum hand strength. The 4 wheel walkers come with a padded seat with extra comfort and durability.

Additionally, It consists of a roomy bag to keep your personal belongings safe and out of sight. The pouch also consists of a small pocket to keep your money, keys, and phone.

The NOVA walker offers a lock and load feature which allows the user to easily fold the rollator and lift in and out of the vehicle. 

The walker consists of 8-inch rugged wheels with a one and half-inch base to overcome all kinds of terrains and provide stability. 

The walker is designed with a metallic paint finish which is long-lasting and attractive. The Nova Zoom Rollator walker offers 5 years warranty on all brake parts.

The light-weight walker with seats and wheels weight can hold up to 300 lbs of users’ weight. It is supported by the best customer service and warranty.

 Watch a Video On How to Assemble Nova Zoom Rolling Walker Parts

What We Like

What We don't Like


Hugo Elite Rollator



BRAKES: Locking brakes

HANDLE HEIGHTS: Handles are too short (30.25″-33.5″). It should be adjustable for different heights.

LIGHTWEIGHT/HEAVY: Light in weight

WHEELS: Big 8 inch wheels makes easier to move outside (10-inch front casters)

FIT THROUGH STANDARD DOOR FRAMES: Some people may face difficulty fitting walker through narrow doors

ASSEMBLY: Arrives with completely assembled parts

COMPLAINT: The seat is too low for some users

BEST FEATURE: Best for indoor and outdoor use

Customer Reviews

Image source : Amazon

The reviews for this product are mixed but there seem to be more positive reviews than negative. Most of the users said that the rollator is sturdy, maneuverable, and comfortable. Few users complained about the handlebars which are too low

#6 Best Transport Chair - VIVE'S EASY FOLDING ROLLATOR

Vive’s Easy Folding Walker rollator is constructed for safe and secure maneuvers indoor and outdoors.

It is a lightweight and durable model and provides maximum stability and support to the user.

Vive Mobility Rollator offers easy movement on every terrain with its large 8-inch sport wheels.

The height-adjustable handle ensures a customized fit for every user.

The rollator has a convenient pouch that holds phones, wallets, and drinks easily. The walker supports up to 300 pounds of the user’s weight.

The rollator folds down into a compact device and is easily fit into tight spaces with its detachable wheels.

The wheels consist of locking brakes to make sure the rollator does not move when activated.
It can be carried into the trunk of a car or even in the backseat.

The front wheels are removed easily by a simple push-button release and the wheels in the back are pushed against the frame.

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What We Like

What We don't Like


Vive Folding Rollator



BRAKES: Locking brakes

HANDLE HEIGHTS: Adjustable handle height (36 inches). Good for average height people

LIGHTWEIGHT/HEAVY: Light in weight

WHEELS: 8 inch wheels are great for rough terrain

FIT THROUGH STANDARD DOOR FRAMES: Too wide to get around through doors

ASSEMBLY: Easy assembly

COMPLAINT: Walker is too short even at the tallest setting

BEST FEATURE:  Easy to fold , Best for travelling

Customer Reviews

Image source : Amazon

The customer reviews for the Vive rollator were fairly moderate. The majority of users like the wire brake inside the tube. Some users also said that it’s easier to maneuver over bumpy roads. However, there were also a number of complaints from users who said that the walker doesn’t work well for people with tall height.

What options to consider when buying 4 Wheel Walker with seats?

It is essential to know about the facts before buying a 4-wheeled walker. Learn about the important details and types to make sure whether you are making the right choice.


The rollator comes in 2 different options, a standard 4 wheel walker, and a bariatric rollator. Both have the same wheel design, 2 wheels in the front and 2 wheels in the back. 

Both the rollators provide good support and rest for your loved ones when they are on the move.

The only difference between these two models is that bariatric options can adapt seniors that weigh up to 500 pounds whereas standard walkers can support 300 pounds. 

Size Considerations

Many 4 wheel walkers allow different adjustable handle height. The adjustments must provide support, stability, safety, and balance for the users using this device.

Make sure the seat height is safe and convenient to sit on the chair. This can be measured from your knees to the floor.

Another crucial measurement is handle height. Measure the height from your wrist which is at the height of the handle to the floor.

Proper height can help seniors grip the rollator best.

Options to Consider When Buying 4 Wheel Walker

Seat Options

There are two types of seat options available in these rollators, these include padded and unpadded. Un-padded seats are easier to clean and are an ideal choice for the seniors who face incontinence.

It offers more stability and is a good option for seniors with balance issues.

Additionally, padded seats are good for seniors with hip or arthritis issues. They offer great comfort in these situations. 

Seniors who are bedbound and have mobility issues should at least do bed exercises to enhance flexibility, healthy heart, and stronger bones 


When you stop you need to engage the brakes so that the walker does not move. Make sure you choose a 4 wheel walker with a seat and brakes that have easy brake control and lock system to use. There are mainly two types of brake systems. 


There is a loop brake that is on the handles of the walker. It can be used without an issue but can be difficult for seniors with arthritis problems, as they might find it hard to keep the brakes pressing down. 


Another type is the push-down brake. It activates according to your weight. It is a good option for seniors who have dexterity issues. 



Features and Accessories

Many 4 wheel walkers with seats allow you to customize different parts like getting more gripped handles or a larger seat. You can also look for additional accessories like: 
  • Storage basket
  • Bottle or cup holder
  • Walker light
  • Basket holder
  • Organizing pouch
  • Seatbelts
  • Trays

However, many 4 wheel walkers with seats and baskets already include these features and accessories. 




It is important to look out for the weight capacity of the rollator. If the device you are purchasing cannot accommodate the user’s weight then you are risking the safety of the user as well as damaging the walker. Ideally, the walker should be light enough to be carried easily into the trunk of your vehicle. The caregiver or family member should be able to easily lift and handle the walker around any kind of terrain

What Are The Benefits Of Using A 4 Wheel Walker With Seats?

Many people choose lightweight folding travel walkers with seats for their increased mobility rather than usual walkers, stability, and seat features.


A 4 wheel walker is highly used for its stability and durability. If you are purchasing a rollator then you must know that there are 3 and 4 wheeled varieties available in the market. 3 wheeled rollators are very flexible but aren’t stable as 4 wheeled ones. 


A 4 wheeled walker with seats helps you to maintain your balance issue without any vigorous effort. You still get 4 legs to roll on, but wheels offer you to move more quickly and efficiently than you could without a wheeled walker.


The most highlighted feature of the 4 wheel walker is that it has space to fit in a seat along with backrest features in some models. Having a seat on your rollator allows you to make a stop and rest anywhere.

Common FAQ'S

A 4 - wheel walker gives you the strength to balance and to walk continuously without strenuous efforts. The wheels allow you to walk smoothly and faster than you could with a wheel-less walker.

Medicare provides insurance on the rollators in almost all cases. The rollators are included in medicare's list of medical equipment. You will have to rent it out or purchase the 4 wheel walker with seats from a medicare supplier.

The cost greatly depends on the quality and model of the rollator, but it generally starts from $100.

Consider your budget requirement and look for a walker that suits your needs and is of high quality and affordable.

  • Drive Medical 4 Wheel Rollator Walker with Folding and Detachable Back Support 
  • Medline Standard Adult Steel Folding Rollator Walker
  • Hugo Elite Rollator Walker
  • Drive Medical: Nitro Euro Walker
  • NOVA Zoom Rollator Walker 
  • Vive Mobility Rollator Walker

A walker is a device with handles and legs which are needed to lift every time you take a step, whereas a rollator is a device that has wheels to move and is pushed by the user.

4 Wheel Walker With Seat Amazon Recommended


A well-designed rollator is worth the weight in gold when it comes down to maintaining the active lifestyle of the user.

Make sure you test every walker when you shop and consider all the factors mentioned through this guide. 

After a long and deep research, we found that Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator is the best choice for you. The walker is designed with amazing features and has great stability while riding which was found highly useful by many users.

All the walkers listed operate the same way, make sure you choose the right one for you!


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  2. I have to select the best four wheeled walker with seat and brakes as i have to gift it to my grandfather. However i am still confused with the Hugo Elite Portable 4 Wheel Walker and Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker. Any suggestion?

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  5. Hi, I weigh around 258 pounds and have just recovered from my leg surgery. I was looking for a walker that can offer me great grip and balance. My friend suggested me a walker with 4 wheels and seat. I am a bit confused as i am very new to this. What will you suggest?

  6. These rollator with seat are great. I have three of them. I find it very easy to operate and use. I can easily fold them and travel down through my car. I love it thanks!

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  13. I ordered this Hugo portable rolling walker for my grandmother. It is sturdy and is easy to fold. It’s not comfy to sit on, but it is only for short sits to rest when walking or waiting in line, etc. But after 1 month of use, the right side hand brake, the cable broke loose at the handle, so this can be a problem for stability. But at this price, I think this is one of the best rollator walkers with Seats.

  14. I got drive medical as I recently broke my leg and I live alone, so needed something to make it easier to move around my apartment. It’s a good lightweight rollator walker with seat and I also like its wheels The only complaint is that the handle bars won’t lock.

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