Drive Medical Scooter Reviews – Is This Mobility Scooter Worth the Money?

 Read Drive Medical Scooter Reviews and find out whether this mobility scooter is perfect for you!

Drive Medical Scooter Reviews

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It is common for mobility to decrease as we age. However, it is important for seniors to stay connected.  To stay connected it’s a must to be able to maneuver through the neighborhood,  senior home, and public places that are part of our daily routine.

This Drive Medical Scooter offers this freedom and keeps you safe and calm.

There are various models and a range of folding mobility scooter available in the market and picking one of the best is not easy. This article will highlight the pros and cons of the Drive Medical Scooter.

This scooter is used by people who have limited mobility.  Often the mobility limitations are associated with issues with arthritis, diabetes, cerebral palsy, or temporary conditions like a fractured leg.

Drive Medical Scooter can be purchased with either a gas or electric powered motor.

Drive medical scooter parts and Specifications

This Drive medical scooter is highly recommended for people who are in the early steps of rehabilitation. 

The price of the mobility scooter depends totally on its features and add-ons.

You have 2 variations in these types of scooters, you can either select 3 wheeled scooters or you can go for 4 wheeled scooters. 

When you are choosing a Drive medical scooter or any other mobility scooter, you need to make sure you have a comfortable seat, seatbelt, and wheels that have lock features.
This ensures that the person who is using this mobility scooter will have an upright position while driving.

The most common features you get to see in every Drive Medical Scooter are a footrest, a seat in a low position for the knee, an adjustable swivel seat and locking featured seat, automatic brakes, and a drive medical scooter battery with a back-up battery.

You get a control panel on the top of the scooter that manages your headlight button, horn button, key switch, top speed dial, and battery gauge. 

The drive medical scooter is designed with anti-slip wheels to avoid skids and abrupt turns. They work smoothly and offer maximum stopping power. 

The Drive medical weighs around 300 pounds and has the same weight capacity of holding the user. The wheels are built with electromagnetic freewheel mode. 

The seat can be adjusted according to the user’s height and has a width of 17 inches along with a depth and back of 16 inches. 

The distance between the armrest to the seat is 7 inches, long enough to ride comfortably without adding stress on your hands.

You get a top speed of 5 mph and have an estimated range of 9 miles on a 12Ah battery and 15 miles on a 21Ah battery. 

The armrests are removable, padded, and adjustable to offer you maximum comfort while riding. 

Drive Mobility scooter Accessories

Some accessories are already attached with the scooter when it is delivered like a drive medical scooter basket and carrying handle. However, there are many accessories for mobility scooters that can be added externally.

You can attach a scooter basket behind the seat for holding your belongings or to carry the essentials when you shop. You can add a cup or water bottle holder to your armrest to hold your liquids when you are traveling for long distances.

The Drive company also offers an oxygen carry bag and crutch holder if you have trouble walking. These accessories can be attached to the back of your scooter for convenience. 

You can also add a headrest for more comfort while driving, waiting, or taking rest. 

You can add a rear view mirror for better viewing that can be mounted on the handle. You can also install a phone mount to your mobility scooter for tracking or navigating places.

Pros And Cons Of Drive Medical Scooter


1. Assembly:
The scooter is very easy to assemble. It can also be disassembled into 5 pieces, hence making it a great option for seniors. It can be easily stored into compact places and can be carried into your car trunk.

2. Stability:
The scooter is highly stable with its flat free and anti-tip tires. Although the scooter is lightweight, it has a weight capacity of 300lbs and can keep your steady while abrupt turns.
The swivel seat offers you the turn of 180 degrees so that you can take the right position at the table. The seat and armrests are highly padded and offer great comfort while riding. The backrest is adjustable and is very comfortable to rest on.

3. Maneuverability:
The scooter is easy to control with its delta shaped steering design. It works best on indoor use and outdoor pavement surfaces. It also offers great rides on rough terrains as well.


1. Not Suitable For Tall people
You get an average space for your legs. The scooter is not ideal for tall people.

2. Turn Radius:
Turning radius is low. It can be hard to turn around small lines and holes when you take a stroll. You have to move forward back and forth when you have to turn.

Watch a video on how to assemble a Drive folding mobility scooter

Assembling the Drive Medical Scooter is very easy and requires very little of your time. However, it can be difficult for many people to read and understand the drive medical scooter manual. Here is a small video of assembling the Mobility scooter. 

Take a look!

Drive Medical Scooter Reviews - What Users Are Saying?

Heavy Duty Drive Medical Scooter has various ranges and models that are highly known and bought by many people. 

We found out that users liked the padded armrests and seats, they found them very comfortable.

Given its light frame, the scooter can hold 300lbs of user weight which is remarkable and is the best attraction for many users.

The users found out that the scooters worked the best on a smooth surface and also worked best on bumpy roads. 

The only problem they faced was on hill roads, rocky roads, and sand.

The user liked the range system of 9 miles and 15 miles with an affordable price range.

Users liked the basic compact design and found them easy to assemble and dis-assemble and store into their car trunks or keep it safe at any senior home.

They also like the operating system of the control panels and were happy with the storage and accessories added from the retailers.

Many users found difficulty while turning due to a less wide turning radius. But overall, according to the users, the products from Drive medical are great and have amazing performance

Packages, Deals, Prices & Where To Find Drive Medical Mobility scooter?

You can find drive medical scooter on amazon or drive medical website at a cheap price. 

You can either search on the web for drive mobility scooter dealers near me to get the best retailer near your neighborhood, or you can check out gear drive mobility scooters for sale from online retailers like Amazon.

When you locate a store nearby make sure you check all the parts like an adjustable seat, the comfort of the seat and armrest, four wheels, on-off buttons and etc.

You can also ask for additional accessories packages like cupholders, seat bags, and phone mounts for your scooter.

Check whether you have any other deals available online or at any other retailer before buying your scooter.

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Buyers Advice

According to the user’s positive reviews, if you are looking for indoor use scooter then, the Drive Medical scooter is the best choice for you. 

It moves slowly and has a battery life of nine miles. Hence, it is not an ideal scooter for the outdoors.


Assembling the Drive Medical Scooter is very easy and requires a very straightforward process. 

You have the same set of instructions for a three-wheeled walker as you have for 4-wheeled ones. 


The scooter is delivered in 5 parts that you can combine by adhering to the instructions. 

Many buyers face problems with unlocking wheels. You have a control knob in the front for this function. Sadly, the manual does not notify about this. 


Once you find out about this, you may find the labeling to turn the knob in correct way. With this, you can settle your Drive Medical scooter in both freewheels or drive options. 


The rest assembly is easy as soon as you figure this out. Buyers found out that the first ride of the scooter is very smooth and effortless. 


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Similar Products Of Drive Medical Scooter On Amazon

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Drive Medical scooter has an efficient and amazing range of scooters for seniors with mobility issues

Each product has great features and accessories for convenience and comfort. 

The scooters are sturdy, safe, and stylish when compared to other products available in the market. 

They can be folded into a compact design and can manage both indoor and outdoor surfaces smoothly. A great range of models and colors are available at an affordable price range. 



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