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PensionsWeek believes that it is never too late to start planning your retirement! We strive hard to focus on sound retirement strategies that make aging easier for seniors. 

Who We Are

The team of PensionsWeek is a combination of senior care, retirement planning, and financial investment experts. We are dedicated to providing the best advice on every aspect of retirement planning and investments. We have our team of experts that connect caregivers and elderlies to the right services, products, and other resources which make their aging a little bit easier.  


Our Community is growing efficiently and is a space where adults and caregivers can discover trending topics and guides.

our mission

Our goal is to help the retirees, seniors, and loved ones to plan out the most important event of their lifetime.

what we offer

We provide widely researched content that can provide stability, planning tips, health, and knowledge for the retirees. We believe in maintaining your trust and uphold the standards so that we can provide the best quality information that is relatable and easy to understand and is not confusing or just a bowl of jumbled words. 


Here you’ll find reliable resources from senior housing and safety, reviews of retirement gears, products, investment tips, and guides for retirement livingWe know the process of planning a good retirement for your loved one’s golden years. It can be emotional and time-consuming and mostly confusing. PensionsWeek is created to walk you through this journey and become a valuable guide that makes you come back again and again.


We publish fresh content every week to help you learn more about retirement living and planning, how to invest in retirement, or what gears and plans you can include in your budget. We also help in navigating the confusion with your bank accounts like 401(k) accounts, IRA or mutual funds. We review the products like walk in tub, recliner chair and 4 wheel walker which help seniors that are aging in the place

our experts

We are more than just a website. We have our team and experts that connect with us from various places. PensionsWeek’s carefully examined and researched content includes various types of retirement living articles that are reviewed by the experts and team of experienced writers.  


We collaborate with many people who are from various fields like financial experts, senior experts, senior advocates to provide quality content to our writers.


We have our board of senior care specialists that connect your loved ones to the right solutions for their needs. All our recommendations, guides, and bits of advice are fact-based and are aimed towards solving the problems.

all of our products reviewed

The content is strictly reviewed by our experts from various fields and professionals of senior care.  All the reviews of consumers and members are considered for maintaining the quality and honest evaluations of each provider. Our reviews consider accreditation and trustworthy reviews


Every article posted on our website runs through a long process of reviews to make sure that the information you are receiving from us is genuine and up-to-date as well as practical and understandable. We ensure that the articles are updated to reflect the most current data and findings for visitor’s information.

Our Policies

Ad & Sponsorship Policy

We also receive advertisement fundings and affiliate partners as well as sponsored content to recover the operating costs required to keep on providing you quality content. 

Advertisment opportunities

Our site is strictly built to reflect our standards, quality, credibility, and accuracy. This has reflected on our website and is one of the popular visited retirement planning sites on the internet. If you are interested in advertising on our site feel free to reach out to us through this contact us form.

Contributors and Writers – Join Our Team

We have our arms open for new writers with good experience in fields like finance, retirement, senior care and aging in place. If you have an interest and knowledge in these fields then we invite you to join our team!


Note that we hold our contributors and writers to high standards. We believe in accuracy, objectivity, and balance. All of our content is generated and written with the help of our experienced writers and experts who are fully committed to PensionsWeek.


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Fantastic site for a variety of information!

This site is a wonderful resource for seniors! The articles provide a wealth of information that is pertinent to the senior living industry, and the topics are important for those considering a retirement living community. Very helpful, straightforward, and easy to understand!