How Much Does A Recliner Cost?

Recliner chair prices are influenced mostly by type, brands & whether it’s sold online or in a store. Find out here how much does a recliner costs? 

How Much Does A recliner Costs?

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There is nothing more relaxing than spreading your legs across a recliner.

We are sure you would agree with us on this. So, why not find a recliner that is suitable for your body and easy on your pocket as well. 

So How much does a recliner cost anyway?

This blog will help you answer all the cost-related questions regarding recliners and all the factors that affect the cost of recliners.

List of factors that influence the price of recliners:

The factors affecting the pricing of the recliners are:

1. The make of the recliner

The way recliners are constructed, the quality of the materials used, the type of the recliner, the mechanism, the suspension fabric, and the sturdiness of the frame.

2. Any further Customization

If you are specific about any particular fabric, cushions, or color then the recliner chair prices would vary.


If you want to upgrade the recliners with special attachments or add-ons, the price automatically increases.

4. Warranty

Based on the duration of the warranty, the price varies. Few companies provide 10 years warranty while few give a lifetime warranty.

5. Delivery Costs

The cost of delivering the recliner to your location might increase the cost as well.


Any kind of duties or shipping charges would impact the cost too.

How much do recliners cost?

1. Low-Mid Range Cost:

The recliner chair cost of the low-midrange is between $400 to $1,200 and is influenced by the quality of the product, the fabric used, and the few customization options. Brands again play an important role in the cost variation.

Brands offering multiple fabrics range between $499-$799 with the basic mechanism while few brands offering color variations in the leather are ranged between $599-$999. Few stores also sell these low-mid range recliners at $799 with color variants in leather or fabric.

2. Medium-High Range Cost:

The cost of the most comfortable recliner in the mid-high level can range between $1,300 and $2,200 based on various factors like power upgrades, genuine leather, etc.

3. Higher End Cost

These recliners are priced very much above $2,000 and mainly focus on luxury, design, comfort, and style. These recliners also come with in-built massagers and heat producers to soothe pains and aches. 

People Also Ask

Recliners are not very expensive when it is judged by the tremendous support given to the users. The cost of recliners is worth every penny for the amazing relief they provide to the lumbar, back, neck, and legs.

Based on the upgrades, leather or fabric options, and colors, the La-Z-Boy recliner ranges between $299 and $4,000.

The best time to buy recliners is when there are sales and discounted rates going on. You can buy them during holidays as all the malls offer great discounts during this period. Beginning of the year or just before Christmas is also a great time to go recliner shopping.

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