Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker Reviews – Does It Work?

Drive Medical nitro euro style rollator walker reviews

See why Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker is so highly rated. See the price, customer reviews, and how it works right here!

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It is frustrating and depressing enough when you cannot walk or travel wherever you want without support. You don’t have to worry when you have the Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker.

There are many models of various walkers that have a variety of features. With a huge variety of choices, selecting the best one can be very confusing especially if you are buying for the first time; however, we have made it easy by selecting the 4 best-rated walkers with seats.

In this Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker review, we are going to learn more about the reliable features and the experiences of people who have used the device.

Drive Nitro Rollator Specifications

Designed by Drive Medical, the Drive Nitro Rollator specifications stand out when compared with other products available in the market.

The weight of the rollator is around 17.5 pounds hence it offers easy maneuverability.

It is a lightweight and easy-to-lift walker due to its aluminum frame.

Despite being lightweight, the Drive Nitro Euro rollator walker – Red, is sturdy enough to handle around 300 pounds of weight capacity.

Drive Medical Nitro Euro style rollator
Drive medical nitro euro style rollator walker red, black and in white colour

The walker is designed with 2 brake cords on both sides of the handles for maximum safety. This offers a huge benefit for people walking down the road or those who have dogs or small pets.

The walker can be folded into an ultra-compact size and can be done with 2 quick movements. This feature makes it easy to store the walker in your trunk, on a plane, and in closets.

The drive medical nitro heavy-duty euro-style rollator has small wheels in the back and larger wheels in the front. The walker can handle rough and uneven terrains like grass, floors, shag carpet, etc. It also has a great turning radius when you have to take sharp or narrow turns.

The Euro Style Walker Rollator consists of a comfortable seat when you need to take a rest stop while walking.

It has a highly padded seat grip and has an adjustable padded backrest to rest on.

The walker also consists of a removable zippered storage bag to ensure your stuff remains safe inside. The bag is placed and attached to the walker under the seat for easy access.

You can also add other drive nitro rollator parts like cup holders, water bottle holders to the handle of the walker if you like to walk often. You get color options in Drive medical nitro euro-style rollator walkers like red, white, and black.

Due to this, the user has the freedom to choose one and enjoy it in public. The material of the walker is easy to clean and adds a classic look due to its flawless condition.

The walker looks great and helps to eliminate the uneasy feeling for many elders and handicapped people and has extra safety features for a great price.

Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker Standard Height

Walker with seat is versatile and works best for both short and tall people. It is an adaptable rollator with adjustable seat height.

The drive medical nitro euro style rollator walker standard height range is between 18 to 22 inches. You also get to set it from 29.5 to 38 inches because of its ergonomic, height-adjustable handles.

Pros And Cons Of Drive Medical Rollator


Compact Size

The walker is easy to fold into an ultra-compact size due to its lightweight aluminum frame. This makes it the ideal walker for many seniors. The folding of the walker is very easy and can be done with just one hand. You just have to pull the grip and then push the sides to move together in such a manner that the comfort handles stick together.


It has a cross brace design and is one of the best options that you get to enjoy with this Drive medical nitro euro-style rollator walker. The walker is a highly attractive and modern sleek design along with its lightweight frame and key features. You can look at the simplicity of the cable brakes that are meant to keep you safe.


The comfortable nylon seat fiber provides maximum comfort to seniors. Besides that, you can also find a sophisticated design for handles and a removable zippered storage bag access. The main advantage of using this walker is that it is entirely customizable.


The walker is lightweight and can handle various terrains inside and outside. Even after the lightweight durable frame, the walker is sturdy enough to handle the users' weight.



The handle of the walker moves a bit. However, it is a flaw that you can let go of.


The brakes do not hold the walker on slope areas, in front of a bus or car. The front wheels wobble a lot. Make sure you watch out for the brakes. These do not repair easily because of their design choice.

Watch a Video on How to Assemble Drive Medical Rollator Parts

Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker Reviews - What Users Are Saying?

We found out that many of the people were happy with the product. The users were impressed with the solid design, while it was still light in weight.

Users found the rollator easy to move and fold.

It was noticed that the users were able to fit the rollator in their car or trunk without taking much space.

It was also beneficial for seniors who weigh above 300 pounds, they felt safe while walking. They found the cross design amazing and offers side-to-side folding and added stability. It’s one of the best homecare products for the elderly who have daily mobility issues.

With this, customers also appreciated the padded seat’s comfort and the built-in storage bags-accessibility below.

However, many users found difficulties with the quality and feel of the wheel.

They found the wheels wobbling while applying brakes and were loosening easily.

Along with this, many people felt the weight balance of the walker was a little off. One user reported an unstable feeling while walking.

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Watch a Video review on Drive Nitro Walker

Packages, Deals, Prices & Where To Find Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker?

You can find nitro euro style rollator walkers on amazon or drive medical websites at a cheap price.

You can also find walkers for seniors in any local store nearby. Make sure you check the seat dimensions, caster fork design wheels, and built-in brake cable before you make the purchase.

See whether you need addons like a phone, water bottle, or cup holders to your walker.

You can also check different other options of 4 wheel walkers with a seat that offers you the same benefits.


Depending on the functionality of the rollator we can say that the overall construction of the rollator with a lightweight aluminum frame design, caster-fork, welded design wheel, and hand brakes the drive medical’s nitro euro style rollator is the most reliable walker for seniors.


*The product warranty is not described by the manufacturer. However, if you have purchased a specific product from the manufacturer, then you can find the warranty of the product on the included instruction manual.

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Is this Drive Medical Rollator walker value for money and is it worth buying?

The Drive medical nitro euro style rollator walker is one of the best 18-inch walkers available in the market. The walker is sturdy and attractive with its weight and design. It is packed with key features that make it the best choice for many people considering buying a walker.

It folds into a compact design and can handle both indoor and outdoor terrain. A truly great product overall at an affordable price and colors.



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4 thoughts on “Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker Reviews – Does It Work?”

  1. Avatar for 7158

    After reading drive nitro rollator reviews from this site and amazon, I decided to buy and thus got one. Overall it’s a good investment and I love the folding feature though it’s difficult for me to lift the strap high so the rollator doesn’t open up. One more thing to note is the brakes as I think it’s difficult to repair

  2. Avatar for 7463

    This is my Mom’s first Drive Rollator walker. It worked great for 3 to 4 days. It is sturdy and easy to handle which also help improve her mobility. But after some days the seat cracked on my Mother’s Rollator and the brakes also stopped working.

  3. Avatar for 7932

    Is there any way to loosen the brake handles, so it is easier for my mom to set the brakes? It’s almost too hard for her to set. Also, my dad just tried to set the brakes from he front of the walker and severely punched his pinky finger. It cut the skin quite a lot. He’s all bandaged up. We will appreciate a response regarding g the brakes.

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