How to Choose a Step Stool for the elderly?

Many people are confused when it comes to picking bed step stools for the elderly. here in this article you can learn what to look for in bed step stools for elderly 

As we grow older, we tend to need more assistance in our daily lives in regard to our regular chores. A step stool for the elderly or bed stool can be one of those helpful and useful pieces of equipment that one can utilise towards an effortless and secure life.

What are step tools?

Getting in and leaving the bed is the easiest task for us when no amount of effort is required. However, it is quite strenuous for an elderly person with limited mobility, especially those with joint injuries and physical disability. It also helps seniors to age in place.

A bed step stool helps the person to climb or get in the bed and leave it with ease. It is a one or two-step stool that ensures your safety and adds to a safer home. 

ecrocy wooden bedside step stool

What should a step stool look like?

  • Step stools are usually made from either wood, metal, or plastic and render the option of foldable or non-folding stools. A step stool looks like an A-shaped stool that resembles a ladder but with fewer steps. The step ladder cannot be used as a step stool for elderly. However, the appearance of a step stool entirely depends on the brand and the manufacturers. 

  • A step stool is often available with front rails for support, thus providing a comfortable and secure ascend. It can look like a stool with 3 to 4 inches step height or a platform of 6 inches step height with handrails.

  • While this handy tool provides its assistance with indoor jobs, it can also be used as a step stool for beds for the elderly; although few bedside step stools are entirely available for the need of senior citizens.

How much weight must your step stool accommodate?

A step stool should ideally range from 200 lbs to 300 lbs. However, if you are making your choice for stools that will assist multiple people and various other jobs, then a stool with 300+ lbs can be more helpful.

What is a good height for a step stool?

A step stool has a good and fixed height that goes up to 32 inches and is measured from the bottom to the top step (or the top cap), along the front side rail. One should keep in mind that the side rails may exceed the top step, but any rails beyond the top cap should be avoided in the overall measurement of the height of a step stool.

What wood is best for a step stool?

It is highly recommended to use hardwood such as maple or oak to build a step stool in order to avoid any substance abuse during construction. Even though the manufacturer or a DIY step stool uses hardwood for the construction, this type of wood is difficult to cut and nail together.

Are foldable step stools safe?

A step stool comes with two designs – foldable and non-folding structure. This feature helps you in various other requirements from storage to portability. 

However, when it comes to safety, a foldable step stool is not only useful for storage purposes by easily setting it aside in a cabinet or cupboard but also assists you in a safer environment. Step stools often include a grip-dot textured surface that allows one to prevent an accident by slipping or tripping it help elderly to improve mobility.

Step stools are available in different sizes, looks, designs, among other attributes that make it difficult for a consumer to make a choice. Therefore, we bring you some of the best brands step stool for elderly with comparisons among them, so that you can choose the efficient and constructive step stool depending on your preference.

Comparison of different brands

1. Duro-Med DMI Step Stool :

  • This efficacious step stool allows you to climb tall beds, enter a car, and even reach cabinets and shelves for household purposes. 

  • The convenient and comfortable handrails on these step stools render support to the elderly. 

  • The tool is built of steel and weighs up to 300 pounds, thus providing a strong and high-quality feature.

Cost structure:

The price tag of about $34 is deemed justified after one comes across the features of Duro Med DMI. While it provides handrails for safety and support, it also offers stability due to its textured platform that makes it a worthy purchase.

With a step height of 9” and several advantages from durability to detachable handrails, this step stool also comes with few downsides. 

  • The base of this step stool can be unstable sometimes, making it prone to tripping.

  • The installation process of Duro Med DMI is complex.

  • The hardware of this handy tool at times comes with errors.

2. Fanwer Folding Stool :

  • This lightweight product is made of plastic and allows one to enter a car and step into the bath as well.

  • This step stool works appealingly with the elderly, children, and even pets.

  • Since this easy-to-use stool is lightweight and foldable, you can fold it, store it, and carry it with ease.

  • Offering a boost of 4 inches, Fanwer Folding Stool also provides a non-slippery surface.

Cost structure:

This useful and lightweight step stool will cost you around $24 which seems a fair price given its incredible features. However, there is just one downside to this product.

    •  This step stool might break if one exceeds the weight capacity.

3. AdjustStep Padded Bed Step Stool :

  • This product is a bedside step stool that is versatile and comes with multifunctional designs.

  • AdjustStep Padded Bed Step Stool renders a function of using it with or without the handles completely depending on your needs.

  • Since the material of this unique bedside step stool is steel, it promises durability, stability, and reliability.

  • The most exceptional function of this product allows you to lower or raise the step height according to one’s necessity. The product gives you an initial 6.1 inches of step height which you can lower as you require.

  • With rubber handrails alongside the step and full padding on the platform, the stool weighs about 9 pounds.  

  • AdjustStep Padded Bed Step Stool is best suited for senior citizens due to their limited mobility.

Cost structure:

This product can cost you well above $60 but the features and benefits it offers make the purchase worth it. One drawback at this point is that:

  • AdjustStep Padded Bed Step Stool is slightly heavy when it comes to purchasing a portable stool. However, one can still push it around.

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