How Can An Elderly Person Get Easier In Bed?

how can an elderly person get easier in bed

Having a good night’s sleep is essential for our wellbeing, but with growing age, we tend to lose out on having a peaceful, painless night’s sleep. One of the main reasons for sleep deprivation is difficulty getting in and out of bed in old age. This difficulty can occur due to various reasons like falling, severe pain in legs and back, dressed strength and mobility, etc. But with the science progression, some effective and brilliant gadgets can help the seniors get in and out of bed easily.

A piece of brief information about one such simple gadget is covered in this blog. So read on.

How can an older adult get in bed easier?

It is very dangerous for everyone to get in and out of bed quickly, especially when a senior. Improper lifting and firm handling might lead to broken bones and dislocation of bones, skin damage, health problems and muscle trauma.

Understanding the vital support and the personal needs of the person while putting him/her into and out of bed is very important. Knowing if the person has any physical conditions or any wounds will help. It is during such scenarios that various tools are used to simplify the task and avoid unwanted mishaps. The bed aids like a bed step stool, bed rails, grab bars, walkers play an essential role in granting external support.

A folding cane, a transfer pole, or a leg lifter can also be used based on the person’s requirement, health condition, and physical limitations. These devices help in supporting their weaker extremities with stronger ones. So people with weaker lower bodies can support themselves with these aids using their upper bodies and vice versa.


Bedroom Step Stool With Storage

How high should a bed be for an older adult?

Beds are generally of standard sizes and there is no single bed size that fits all the mobility limitations. It all depends upon the mobility limitations of the person using it. However, sometimes the adjustable bed is used by elderly and the  bed for any elderly person needs to be between 18”-23”, which is approximately as high as a chair. The size again depends on the individual. But the standard guidelines to follow are listed below.

  • The bed has to be 2” higher than knee level while standing on the floor without shoes.

  • Similarly, your feet should be allowed to rest flat against the floor while sitting on the edge of the bed-sharing alignment with your hips.

  • A person must easily be able to lean over to get into a standing position.

  • If the bed is below the person’s knee level, it becomes difficult for the person.

To overcome such situations, bed step stools were invented.

What are bed step stools?

There is a simple solution for those who struggle to get in and out of bed, i.e., bed step stools. If you have high beds, do not bother investing in a smaller one as high raised beds are easy to push up and get into a standing position compared to the lower ones. To overcome the issue of height, you can invest in a bedside step stool.

People with mobility issues can sit on the edge of the bed and put their feet on the below-placed bed step stool. They can then lift their legs from there and put them on the ground. Similarly, while climbing in, they can place their legs on the bedside stool and then put it on the bed, unlike rising it to the height of the bed in one go.

Types Of Bed Step Stools

Beds step stools serve the same purpose of aiding the elderly in getting and out of bed, but not all bed step stools are the same. There are different types of bed step stools with various features that suit specific requirements.

Check out the primary types of bed step stool below:

1. One Piece Step Stools :

These step stools do not change in shape nor move, and as the name suggests, they are just one stepped stool. They are unique stools for seniors with a clean and straightforward design.

2. Foldable and collapsible stools :

These stools are easily foldable and thus convenient to move. This step stool is a safety aiding device that can be easily transported to all places. This stool plays an essential role in caregivers’ lives as they assist the senior in getting out of bed. This step stool is great for moderate mobility.

3. Stools with handles for extra support :

This is the perfect step stool for seniors as it has a handle for safety purposes. This stool is very sturdy as well. The handles prevent the seniors from losing balance and slipping down from the bed. This bed step stool has the most amount of traction.

In addition to different features, Bedside step stools are also made of other materials like plastic, wood, or metal.

What are the pros and cons of having a bed step stool?

Like any other device, it is vital to know the pros and cons of bed step stool before purchasing. However, the pros outweigh the cons as the function of a bed step stool is very important in an aging senior’s life, considering the role bed step stools play in helping seniors age in place.

The Pros:

  • Bed step stools prevent by making getting in and out of the bed safer.

  • Seniors feel a sense of independence by using a bed step stool.

  • Bed step stools are very easy to use

  • Bed step stools come in various affordable options.

  • You can choose to buy a costlier bed step stool, yet it will be lesser than what will cost you in fall-related treatment.

The Cons:

  • If you buy a heavy, bulky bed step stool, it may cause inconvenience in moving around

  • If a big side stool is purchased, it would require assistance to fold it or put it away.

One of the most inevitable and natural parts of aging is reduced mobility. And what remains the biggest concern is getting the elderly safely in and out of bed. Hope this blog will help you in dealing with this situation efficiently and safely. You can go through our page to learn about different types of devices aiding senior members. 

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