What are the pros and cons of the upright walker?

If you are thinking of getting an upright walker and want to know its pros and cons before buying one. You have come to the right place; in this blog, we have precisely mentioned all the pros and cons of an upright walker.

While you might think that upright walkers are the best and getting one will relieve from your pain, there are some aspects where other options like rollator are better but before we conclude, let’s briefly know what upright walkers are.

What Are Upright Walkers?

Upright walkers are walkers with wheels. It has four wheels for the stability and mobility of the walker. Upright walkers are like rollators, but there is a significant design difference in them. The handles of an upright walker are designed and positioned higher than a rollator. A rollator has its handles directly below the elbow.

 An upright walker not only supports its user’s hands but also his/her arms making it a more comfortable choice. The nifty design change of an upright walker relieves pressure from wrists, legs, back and ankles. It also has a seat, a storage basket and an umbrella/cane holder.

The handles have brakes which makes the walker easy to stop. The cane holder is a thoughtful addition as the upright walker is too big for any small place like a restroom where the user can use the cane to visit.

When Do You Use An Upright Walker?

Here are some situations when upright walkers come in handy, and one can use them.

  • When you don’t feel stable while using your cane.

  • If you want to stay active due to your spine or back issues.

  • To maintain a good posture and stand taller and work better.

Pros Of Using An Upright Walker:

We have listed some of the pros of using an upright walker. It definitely has some health benefits over other options. Go through the list to know all the pros. 

  • Upright walkers are built much sturdier and safer than regular walkers.

  • You can move fast and move around with it easily.

  • It has a braking system which helps you stop quickly and gives extra control.

  • It has convenient features like pouches and hooks.

  • It is portable with its easy-to-fold design.

  • It has a seat to rest on during long walks.

  • Most upright walkers have armrests and backrests for comfortable sitting.

Health Benefits Of Upright Walkers:

  • Minimizes pain over time because of proper posture and pressure relief design.

  • Improves body posture by maintaining an erect spine and body position.

  • It keeps your eyes forward due to its high upright build and thus helps you navigate better.

  • Better stability as you don’t lean forward.

  • Less wrist pressure due to a proper arm support design.

Cons Of Using An Upright Walker:

Here is a list of cons of an upright walker. Although there are not many drawbacks of using an upright walker, it is always wise to know any cons a product has before purchasing it.

  • It is more expensive compared to the standard rollator walkers.

  • Upright walkers are hefty and large when compared to other walkers.

  • Some upright walkers have large wheels, making it difficult to turn in tight spaces.

  • Not the best walker for indoor use.


An upright walker helps promote good posture while you’re walking and has added health benefits; thus, it is a better option.

Walkers and rollators differ mainly in that they are frames with handles and legs that must be lifted for movement, while rollators have wheels and are pushed.

Walkers and canes can help you remain active without putting too much strain on your back

Yes, upright walkers can be very safe for the elderly. These walkers have very stable bases and are very supportive.

You should use a cane if your pain is primarily on one side of the body (such as sciatica in one leg), while you should use a walker if your pain is distributed evenly.


There are wide range of options for mobility issues, but Upright walkers have proven themselves to have more benefits over any other mobility solutions.

If you are someone with mobility issues and want a good product that you can use even on the roads, Upright walkers are a good option. The pros that an upright walker has sabotages all its cons.

 Overall, you can choose an Upright walker and can be ensured that you will have a great time moving and staying active using it. The sense of independence it can bring is a bonus to it.

 Thank you for reading. Keep walking and stay fit.

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