All You Need To Know About Kohler Walk-in Bathtub – Complete review

Kohler Walk-in Bathtub Review

Moved into your dream home and thinking about making it comfortable for your aging grandma? Gift her the comfort and safety of Kohler’s Walk-in Bathtubs today and make her feel at home! 

As Jane Austen says, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

Yes, Kohler offers virtual consultation and installation from an authorized dealer for 50-percent off and promises to have the new tub installed and ready to use in one day. The video consultation has helped customers through the pandemic and has reinstiled the belief of customers in the brand.

Kohler is a family-led global manufacturing business and has remained so since 1873. It launched the KOHLER ® Walk-In Bath in 2016 and has become a trusted aging-in-place solution in the bathing industry.  The walk-in bath offers multiple features to help the consumers with various levels of mobility challenges to feel secure, independent, and pampered while bathing. High quality product with industry leading technology is the guiding principle for Kohler’s products.

Features of Kohler Walk-In Tubs:

While choosing a walk-in bathtub you need to consider the following:

  • Safety Features. 
  • Comfort Features.
  • Design Features .

Safety: Kohler walk-in tubs might be the safest option available today as compared to other brands. 

Its acrylic walk-in tub comes with the lowest step-in (3 inches) threshold as compared to any other brand along with a wide door for ease of access. Grab bars and textured surfaces are provided to avoid slipping. 

Design: Only Kohler offers Lux Stone bath walls which are made of natural marble and durable fibers to create a bathing surface stronger, more durable that will not chip, fade, or discolor with time. It has a friendly control panel and comes with a choice of 11 different colors and pattern combinations.

Its ergonomic design blended with the engineering excellence which has its root in being a long and experienced market brand.

Kohler Walk-in Bathtub

Comfort: While safety and design are major considerations, Kohler also offers comfort features for a therapeutic bathing experience.

This Kohler walk-in bathtub includes 10 hydrotherapy whirlpool jets for back feet and leg massages. It also has 17 energizing bubble massage jets with temperature settings. 

The adjustable heated surfaces for neck and back allow more mobility. It also has a retractable hand shower with multiple water flow. With its heated surfaces and backrest along with an extra wide seat, you can enjoy a long and relaxing bath. 

Kohler Walk-In Tub Advantages over Traditional Bathtubs:

As compared with the traditional baths, a walk-in bath has a watertight door with a low threshold to allow bathers of all ages, to step in and access the bath easily and independently. 

Walk-in tubs hold more water as compared to traditional bathtubs. A walk-in bath comes with a more contemporary and modern look. 

While a traditional bath has cold surface unsuitable for medical or relaxation purposes, soaking in a hot bath of a Kohler walk-in tub with hydro jets massages your back and joints which will help manage the pain associated with arthritis and muscles. A good soak helps in improving circulation to the feet for diabetics. 

The relaxation helps ease stress and can bring your blood pressure and heart rate down. A relaxing bath helps better sleep which in turn leads to better health. With a walk-in bath in place, you can relax knowing your loved one can bath alone with minimum supervision. 

Kohler Walk-In tub installation:

The installation must be done by a trained and certified professional who can take care of all the plumbing and electrical wiring while removing the old tub and testing all the features after the tub is filled to ensure a flawless and hassle-free installation process. 

Kohler offers customization in walk-in tub size according to the space. It also offers a Shower Package for a walk-in tub shower combo adding more versatility. 

The Kohler walk-in shower combo is convenient for the elderly or disabled people for whom stepping into the tub is difficult. Kohler also offers 100% reliable service before and after installation.

How Much Does a Kohler Walk-In Tub Cost?

Walk-in baths do not come cheap. When you are making such a big investment you need to consider the cost and warranty. 

The price of a Kohler walk-in tub can vary depending on the size, type, installation, labor costs, and more. Kohler also has it’s brand and additional features which affects the cost of its product. 

There is a Price Guide on its website. which suggests the cost of walk-in-tub can be anywhere from $2,000 for a standard walk-in tub without installation to $25,000+ for a premium tub with add-on features and installation included. 

Financing Options and Warranty provided by Kohler Walk-In Bath:

Kohler offers discounts regularly and finance options like no payments for 18 months. It also gives a lifetime warranty keeping its commitment to customers’ comfort and safety at the forefront. 

Before opting for a Kohler walk-in bathtub, consider your needs and choose a model which is best suited for you.

Kohler gives its customers a variety of options for customization and therefore, provides no general cost figures over phone or on the website. You need to book an online quote request on the company’s website to book a free in-home appointment. A company representative will visit to discuss your needs and the walk-in tub features completing a 35-point checklist which includes the installation considerations.

This quote is valid for 1 year from the day of getting the estimate. 


Kohler offers the best safety and comfort features as below:

  • Lowest step-in as compared to other brands in the market
  • Handrails, textured surfaces, and hand shower makes bathing easier
  • Wide Door helps to get in and out a smooth process
  • Time saving fast-drain technology
  • Friendly Control Panel for ease 
  • Heated backrest and seats for a therapeutic bath
  • Hydrotherapy and aerotherapy jets are installed
  • Several styles are available
  • Industry-leading finance and warranty 

However, the below factors should be kept in mind about the Kohler Walk-in Tubs while considering them:

  • Only single model is available
  • No wheelchair accessible or bariatric options
  • Not available in all locations

What We Like

What We don't Like

Why should you buy a Kohler walk in the bathtub?

Upgrading your home is a matter of preference, however, thinking about the safety and comfort from the beginning will save you from any unpleasant experiences. 

A walk-in bath might be considered as a long-term investment for future. Saving on the expense of assisted living services in the advanced years should be planned early on. 

Be it a luxury for yourself or a need for your loved ones the Kohler walk-in baths will be a value addition to your lifestyle. 

Based on the reviews on the company’s website, customers have found the Kohler Walk in Baths amazingly comfortable and a value addition to the quality of their life. The buying and installation process is smooth and effortless. The staffs are professional and friendly.

While a walk-in tub might be safe and comfortable factors such as leakage and the wait time might make for an unpleasant experience. Also, these tubs do not come cheap and hence affordability can be an issue. The step-in threshold and the distance of controls from the seat might be challenging for some people. 

You can claim your walk-in bathtub in the medical expenses if it is medically recommended and the value of your property does not significantly increase by such an improvement. For the tax year 2021, medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income can be claimed and an itemized deduction is required to claim your medical expenses on tax returns.

The value of the property depends upon many factors’ such as its location, the people living in it and the potential buyers. If the house is situated in a locality popular with senior citizens or if it houses elderly or physically disabled residents a walk-in tub can be a valuable addition as people would readily pay for this useful addition which increases the safety and adds convenience.

Although some medical equipment called Durable Medical Equipment (DME) are covered under Medicare, it does not cover walk-in bathtubs. The DME are used for repeated usage to manage certain medical conditions. For example, nebulizers, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, patient lifts. This equipment can be purchased and rented for use.

Medicare currently does not qualify walk in bathtubs as an essential because its installation includes major changes in the property. 

Check on the policies which may reimburse or provide coverage for the cost of walk-in bathtubs such as expansion to Medicare Advantage or for grants from federal, state or community which can help you afford the facility.

Final Thoughts:

Kohler walk in bathtubs are ideal for personal cleaning and can be useful for alleviating pain. It is a beautiful addition to your home with best of features available at your fingertips. It is a blend of safety and comfort. Let your family enjoy the peace and comfort of independent living over the growing years with Kohler Walk-In bathtubs.

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