HURRYCANE GO Walking Stick Review, Should You Buy?

HURRYCANE GO Review_ Should You Buy_

The HurryCane Go walking stick has several unique features which allow you to grab it and move. You can easily adjust for any change in terrain with one click of a button, apart from enjoying the WhisperFlex design that offers balance and stability with whisper-quiet performance. As you go through the review, you will come across several key features that will allow you to grab the stick and go quickly. 

Walking sticks are often a regular companion to older people and are available in different shapes and sizes. It helps from simple strolls to rigorous hikes. It helps improve upper body workout, maintaining joint and back health, improving stability, balance, and self-defense. HurryCane is the top brand producing several products, including walking sticks. We will now check the review of the said stick as under:

How We Reviewed:

Walking sticks offer several benefits to you. These include enjoying the trail cred, stability, endurance, and safety; some even carry to showcase their swag and attitude. You deserve a quality product regardless of the reason you are shopping for any walking stick. This makes us responsible to review some of the best sticks for your use.

After researching numerous sticks and exploring reviews and ratings about different walking sticks, we have finally embarked on with one product that suits all your requirements. It also includes testing these sticks in different conditions and finding that HurryCane HCANE-BK-C2 Freedom Edition Foldable Walking Cane with T Handle, Original Black is a decent choice for men and women of different age groups and not necessarily the senior citizens. Now, we will check the review of the walking stick in detail, have a look: 

Structure and design:

Looking at the structure and design of the HURRYCANE GO, the details of the same can be summed up with the following features, let’s check them out: 

Pivoting base

The walking stick comes up with a pivoting base, which helps maintain your balance on uneven surfaces, inclines and shifting terrain. The stick is designed with a proprietary pivoting head only to meet the same standard, while it does it automatically.

Pivoting base


The pivoting base in the stick is designed to have limited flexibility initially. However, it adapts as per your movement with time. As your stick adapts the movement, you can reset the cane easily with simple steps making it work perfectly.

Freestanding design

The walking stick is designed in such a way that it stands on its own by your side when you require it. It is armed with a handy GO strap, which offers additional security. 

Freestanding design

The GoFoam handle quickly fits every grip size allowing you to enjoy an extra comfort level. The freestanding design helps you to enjoy additional comfort, which makes it a worthy choice.

Folding design

It is a folding cane that comes with patented and cutting-edge technology making it the best product for men and women of all age groups in the US. It remains a vital extension of the body. 

Folding design

This folding design feature makes it a viable choice for you and others as it is easy to fold when you need.

Exclusive Technology

The walking stick comes with unique stabilizing technology, which has SteadiGrip Base. It offers three contact points over the surface, helping you enjoy better stability and increased traction.The WhisperFlex design helps in making it noise-free thus making it a best walking cane for balance.


The walking stick comes with an adjustable handle height. You can easily customize the fit of the walking cane for your use by adjusting the handle height from 30.5 and 37.5 inches.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity remains at a decent capacity of 350 lbs, which improves mobility.



Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 4.75 x 3.75 inches (39.4 x 12.1 x 9.5 cm) amd 14.07 Ounces (398.88 grams)

Product: Unisex-adult

Item model number: HC-CANE-D1

Brand: HurryCane

Color: Original Black

Material: Aluminum

Extended Length: 37.5 Inches (95.3 cm)

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 350 lbs (157.5 kg)

What We Like

What We don't Like

Should you consider buying HURRYCANE GO?

After checking the features, specifications and too many pros with barely one con, it is always a good idea to shop HurryCane Go. Inspired by the most advanced technology and the high value for money it offers, the hurricane walking cane has become a worthy choice for all. 

Our Final Verdict:

Opting for the walking stick from HurryCane is a decent choice. Thanks to the innovation the makers have added to this product. These include giving a stabilized movement with a good point of contact with the surface. The SteadiGrip helps get good traction regardless of your sitting or standing positions. It bends like your knees with easy-to-fold and unfold technology, allowing a free-flowing movement in restricted areas like cars. The changes in the height of the walking stick give you a diverse option to make it comfortable to use.


The overall story of this walking stick seems too good to be true. Thanks to the innovation the brand has put forth in designing and manufacturing it; the walking stick remains a decent choice for many. The exclusive technology and convenient and compact design allow your quick and easy portability. Thus it is fair to say that it is a decent walking stick to grab and go! 

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