How do I choose an upright walker?

Upright walkers are the best option for a person with a mobility issue. It gives elderly people the necessary support and helps maintain posture and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Upright walkers are like rollators but are better; it has better high positioning and a good grip on the handles. Packed with features like hand brakes, a storage basket and a cane holder, it is a good buy for anyone looking for a walker. 

The sense of independence that upright walkers give is invaluable. Its users can keep their bodies straight and look clearly at what’s in front of them even if they have a spine bend issue.

We will help you out in choosing the right upright walker for yourself in this article.

What is an Upright walker, and why choose it?

Upright walkers are the needed additional support for anyone having a mobility issue. Its user can be an elderly person or a person recovering from an injury or surgery.

There are several conditions when one might require a walker, and there are two options for them the regular rollator or an upright walker.

An Upright walker is similar to a rollator but exactly the same in terms of design and functionality. It is positioned a little higher and has better armrest support with additional features. It features a storage basket and a seat. It also has brakes in the handles and a cane holder so you can visit a place with a narrow entrance and tight space.

An upright walker promotes independence and an active lifestyle along with safe mobility and improved posture.

Benefits of using an upright walker

There are several benefits of using an upright walker. We have listed below some of the key benefits. 

  • Safe and secure mobility –  Upright wakers are built sturdily and promote easy movement. The hand brakes make it easier to stop. You can use an upright walker on the road without hampering your mobility cause they have big front wheels which absorb shocks and are easy to move.

  • Improved posture – The upright positioning of the walker helps in maintaining a better posture while allowing you to rest your arms and relax your back and lower thigh muscles.

  • More independence – With the help of an upright walker, you can walk independently in your house and also around your neighbourhood. The very fact that you can walk comfortably and rest on the walker’s seat if you feel tired makes the walker a more lucrative choice.

How to choose an upright walker for yourself?

There are certain aspects that one must consider before picking any mobility equipment. We are going to briefly enlighten you with some of the key factors so that you choose the right product for yourself.

  • You should check the sturdiness and the build of the upright walker you choose before any other requirements.

  • Check the padded and height customization options and choose one which provides you with the best level of comfort.

  • Check the available seating, if it’s padded or not and whether it has backrest options or not.

  • Braking is an essential feature when going for an upright walker. Thus, make sure you check the braking system.

  • If portability is your concern, make sure to check if the walker is foldable or not.

  • Check the adjustment systems if available in the walker you are looking for yourself.

  • Always go for the lockable braking modules, as they help you keep the upright walker stable when you are sitting on it.

  • Check the maximum load capacity of the walker and see if it suits your body weight.


There are several aspects to consider when choosing an upright walker, but the most important ones are the build, mobility, braking and weight capacity.

The main difference between a walker and a rollator is that a walker is a frame with handles and legs that needs to be lifted for movement, whereas a rollator has wheels and is pushed.

With upright walkers, you can move better and faster than with regualr rollators and other conventional walkers. The more straight posture allows you to walk normally. Furthermore, they have comfortable seating option to rest on and are easy to push for a loved one or caretaker. Upright walkers offer more reliable braking safety.


Upright walkers have greatly improved the mobility issues many elderly people face after an age. The walkers promote a better posture and active lifestyle, which is an additional bonus.

In this blog, we have precisely covered all the vital aspects of an upright walker and answered the question, how do I choose an upright walker? 

This was all about the factors you should consider before buying an upright walker. Thank you for reading. I hope this blog was helpful to you. Keep walking and stay active!

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