Honest review on Grabber Reacher Tools: Which One is The Best for You?

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Have you ever found yourself struggling to reach something on a high shelf or pick up an item that has fallen to the floor? For many seniors, these everyday tasks can become challenging as mobility decreases with age. Enter the Grabber Reacher Tool, a simple yet effective device designed to help seniors regain their independence and reach new heights – quite literally! In this honest review, we will dive into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the Grabber Reacher Tool to see if it lives up to its promise of making life easier for older individuals. So grab a seat and let’s explore how this handy tool could potentially revolutionize daily living for seniors seeking convenience and comfort in their golden years.

How we reviewed :

Product Testing: 

We rigorously tested the Grabber Reacher Tool in various scenarios to evaluate its performance, including reaching for items on high shelves, picking up small objects, and retrieving items from the floor. We also tested its durability and ease of use, particularly focusing on its suitability for seniors.

User Feedback: 

We gathered feedback from a diverse group of seniors to understand their firsthand experiences with the tool. This included insights on comfort, grip strength, and overall satisfaction. We also paid attention to any challenges they faced during regular use.

Comparison Analysis: 

To provide a comprehensive review, we compared the Grabber Reacher Tool with similar products on the market. This included analyzing features, price points, and customer reviews to determine how it stands out and where it might fall short.

Expert Consultation: 
We consulted occupational therapists and ergonomic experts to get professional opinions on the design and functionality of the tool. Their insights helped us understand its potential benefits and limitations for seniors with varying mobility issues.
Material and Build Quality: 
We examined the materials used in the construction of the Grabber Reacher Tool to assess its longevity and safety. This included checking for any signs of wear and tear after extended use, as well as evaluating the quality of its components.
Ease of Assembly and Maintenance: 
Our review included an evaluation of how easy it is to assemble and maintain the Grabber Reacher Tool. We looked at the instructions provided, the complexity of assembly, and any maintenance required to keep it in optimal condition.

1. Carex 26 Inch EZ Grabber Reacher Tool

An old person grabs a box with the help of grabber Reacher tool

The Carex Grabber Reacher Tool is designed with ease of use in mind, featuring a comfortable grip that enables users to effortlessly reach items both high and low. With its extended length of 26 inches, this tool provides the perfect solution for those who struggle with mobility, making everyday tasks simpler and more manageable.

Weighing just 12.8 ounces, the Grabber Reacher Tool is lightweight yet sturdy, allowing seniors to handle it with ease without feeling fatigued. Its rotating shaft is particularly noteworthy, as it makes accessing tight spaces much more convenient. This feature ensures that no item is out of reach, whether it’s tucked away in a corner or perched on a high shelf.

Built with practicality and comfort in mind, the Carex Grabber Reacher Tool is an invaluable aid for seniors. Its easy-to-use design and reliable functionality make it an essential addition to any home. Whether you need to grab something from a high cabinet or pick up an item off the floor, this reacher tool has you covered.


Brand: Carex

Extended length: 26 inches

Lock type: Rotary

Item weight:  12.8

Advantages and Disadvantages :

  • Most versatile
  • Easiest operation
  • Strongest grip
  • Works well
  • Pretty sturdy


  • Breaks quickly
  • Low quality
  • Lock gets stuck

Overall review:

The Carex 26-inch EZ Grabber Reacher Tool offers versatility and ease of use with its comfortable grip and rotating shaft, making it ideal for reaching items in tight spaces. While its operation and grip strength are commendable, the tool’s durability is questionable, with reports of it breaking after a few days of use and having low quality. Additionally, the locking mechanism can get stuck, which affects its reliability. Overall, it serves its purpose but may not be the most durable option available.

2. RMS 26 Inches Folding Grabber Reacher with Ergonomic Handle

Grabber Reacher tool easy-to-fold or grab cloths with the help of grabbing hook.

The RMS 26-inch folding Grabber Reacher with Ergonomic Handel is designed for convenience and portability. Its easy-to-fold feature makes it ideal for travel or carrying on the go, while the ergonomic handle ensures a soft and comfortable grip. The finger-tip-like trigger facilitates effortless pulling, making it user-friendly.

Constructed from high-quality lightweight aluminum, this reacher tool includes a magnetic tip to help pick up small objects. Additionally, it is fitted with a post to assist with dressing, adding to its versatility. This tool is especially handy for those with mobility challenges.

For added practicality, the reacher comes with a yellow clip that fastens to canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and hospital bed rails, keeping it within easy reach. When folded, it measures only 14 inches long, making it compact and easy to store.


Brand: RMS

Extended length: 14 Inches 

Item weight: 6.4 ounces

Advantages and Disadvantages :


  • Good quality
  • Easily foldable
  • Well constructed
  • Sturdy
  • Unique design


  • Low quality
  • Collapses easily

Overall Review

The RMS 26-inch folding Grabber Reacher with Ergonomic Handel combines convenience and functionality with its easily foldable design and sturdy construction. Featuring a unique ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and a finger-tip-like trigger for effortless use, it stands out for its quality and ease of use. The magnetic tip helps pick up small objects, while the yellow clip ensures it stays within reach when attached to canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. Despite some users experiencing durability issues, it remains a versatile tool for those needing assistance with reaching tasks.

3. Vive Folding Reacher Grabber 32 Inch

The Vive Folding Reacher Grabber offers 32 inches of added reach, making it easy to access items in high places or behind furniture.

The Vive Folding Reacher Grabber offers 32 inches of added reach, making it easy to access items in high places or behind furniture. It features a rotating jaw and comfort grip trigger, making it ideal for those with limited mobility or strength, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel sufferers. The patented folding design allows for easy storage, with a unique hinge that locks into place for added convenience. The lightweight aluminum frame ensures durability for long-term use.

The reacher’s rotating precision claw is lined with rubberized material for a secure grip on any surface, including smooth glass. It can support up to five pounds and rotates 90 degrees for vertical or horizontal use, making it versatile for various tasks. The ergonomic trigger grip is designed for comfort, with a soft, slip-resistant padding that fits comfortably in either hand. This reacher is not only practical but also safe, with an ergonomic textured handle that provides a secure grip when handling heavier objects.

Backed by a one-year guarantee, the Vive Folding Reacher Grabber offers peace of mind with your purchase. It is also FSA and HSA eligible, making it a practical and affordable solution for those needing assistance with everyday tasks.


Brand: Vive

Extended length: 32 inches

Item weight: 12.31 ounces

Advantages and Disadvantages :


  • Good performance
  • Lightweight
  • Strong grip
  • Portable
  • Easy to fold
  • Compact design


  • Cable issues
  • Not quite good in quality

Overall review:

The Vive Folding Reacher Grabber is a versatile tool, providing an extended reach of 32 inches for various tasks such as retrieving dropped items or accessing high shelves. Its patented folding design allows for easy storage with a simple push-button lock, making it convenient for travel or storage in small spaces. The rotating precision claw is lined with a rubberized material for a secure grip on objects and can support up to five pounds. The ergonomic trigger grip ensures comfort and control, making it suitable for individuals with arthritis or limited grip strength. Overall, the Vive Folding Reacher Grabber offers convenience and functionality, making it a valuable tool for everyday use.

4. EZPIK® Award Winning Folding Grabber Tool for Elderly

grabber tool is a practical and versatile solution for various tasks and information about tool

The patented design of this claw grabber pickup tool ensures a robust load capacity, securely handling up to 5 lbs of vertical pick-up without bending. Equipped with two powerful magnets, this pickup tool effortlessly retrieves small trash items, providing precision and efficiency. Its user-friendly design allows for intuitive operation, suitable for individuals of all ages, abilities, and mobility needs, enhancing accessibility for everyone.

Empower yourself with this safety extension tool, extending your reach for elderly and disabled individuals, while securely gripping heavy objects. The grabber’s sturdy construction withstands regular use, making it an invaluable accessibility tool for daily life. Its long-arm design provides a convenient solution for reaching items that are out of grasp, improving independence and safety.

This grabber tool is a practical and versatile solution for various tasks, offering a secure grip on objects and enhancing mobility and accessibility. Whether you need to pick up trash, retrieve items from high shelves, or assist someone with limited mobility, this grabber reacher tool is designed to make daily tasks easier and more efficient.

Specifications :

Brand: EZPIK®

Extended length: 36 inch

Item weight: 10.8 ounces

Advantages and Disadvantages :


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Durable
  • Works well
  • Strong
  • Solid pick-up too


  • Easily breaks
  • Isn’t wide enough to grab larger items

Overall review:

The EZPIK® Folding Grabber Tool for the Elderly is a convenient and durable tool for reaching and picking up items. Its easy folding and unfolding mechanism make it simple to use and store. The tool is sturdy and strong, capable of handling various items with ease. However, some users have reported issues with durability, noting that the tool can break easily or fail to operate after minimal use. Despite these drawbacks, the EZPIK® Folding Grabber Tool remains a solid pick-up tool for daily use by the elderly and those in need of reaching aids.

5. Luxet Grabber Reacher Tool

Tool for Elderly Reaching or grab anything from up

The 2 2-pack aluminum Gripper Tool is a sturdy and reliable tool for picking up small items that are out of reach. Made of steel, the tube and inner cord ensure durability and strength. The tool’s design allows for easy gripping and releasing with a simple press of a button, making it ideal for those with limited mobility or reach. Additionally, it comes with a magnetic piece for picking up metallic objects like coins and keys. This grabber tool is perfect for various tasks such as retrieving items from tight spaces, picking up trash, and more, making it a versatile and handy tool for everyday use.

With two sizes available, 32 and 19 inches, this grabber tool provides an extended reach for accessing areas beyond arm’s length. It’s perfect for tasks like cleaning up litter or reaching items on high shelves without the need for a step stool or ladder, reducing the risk of accidents. The premium aluminum construction ensures durability for daily use, while its foldable design allows for easy storage when not in use. Whether used in medical facilities, nursing homes, or at home, this grabber tool is a safe and convenient solution for accessing hard-to-reach items.

Overall, the 2 Pack Aluminum Gripper Tool is a versatile and essential tool for various applications. Its durable construction, strong grip, and magnetic feature make it ideal for picking up items safely and easily. Whether you need to retrieve a remote, collect trash, or grab items from high shelves, this grabber tool is a practical and reliable solution.

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Specifications :

Brand: Luxet

Extended length: 19/32 Inch

Item weight: 15.7

Advantages and Disadvantages :


  • Different lengths available
  • Perfect for reaching
  • Easy to use
  • Good weight and color


  • Not good quality
  • Loose grip
  • Low pick-up ability

Overall review:

The Luxet Grabber Reacher Tool, available in a 2-pack with 32 and 19-inch options, is a study and reliable tool for reaching and picking up items beyond arm’s length. Made of steel, it offers durability and strength, with a design that allows for easy gripping and releasing. The inclusion of a magnetic piece adds versatility, enabling the tool to pick up metallic objects like coins and keys. Its extended reach makes it perfect for various tasks, from retrieving items in tight spaces to cleaning up litter. The premium aluminum construction ensures durability for daily use, while its foldable design allows for easy storage. Overall, this grabber tool is a practical and reliable solution for safely accessing hard-to-reach items in various settings.


The Grabber Reacher Tool has proven to be a valuable and practical aid for seniors looking to maintain their independence and quality of life. Its ergonomic design, lightweight construction, and versatile functionality make it a reliable tool for various tasks around the house or outdoors. While there are some limitations to consider, such as grip strength requirements and occasional durability issues, the overall benefits outweigh these drawbacks. Seniors can greatly benefit from incorporating the Grabber Reacher Tool into their daily routines, allowing them to reach new heights of convenience and efficiency in their activities. Embrace this tool as a companion in your journey towards enhanced mobility and autonomy.

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