How to Fix a Recliner Chair Back?

If your recliner works but the back doesn’t function as it should, you may want to consider trying these fixes. 

How To fix a recliner chair back

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A recliner chair is one of the most convenient types of furniture, with its wide, deep seating and ability to be reclined. 

Recliners are also generally more affordable than a whole living room set. The best thing about recliners? They can be fixed up with some work! 

Whatever happened to your recliner’s back may not have been too catastrophic. Find out how to fix it!

Narrow Down the problem

Here are some problems you might be experiencing with the back of your reclining chair.

  • The chair’s back is extremely loose and moves around a lot.
  • The back of the recliner chair does not lean far enough.
  • The chair’s back has begun to lean significantly.

Tips To Fix A Recliner Chair Back?

Recliner backs are available in a variety of types. They are divided into three groups. The ones with locking levers are the ones you look for. You’ll also come across a recliner with locking latches or tabs. The third are the ones that are bolted to the backs of the chairs.

         1) Backs With locking Lever

Check that the brackets on the sides of the recliner chairs backs with locking levers are firmly attached. They should be turned downwards and fixed to the seat’s metal posts while sitting.

        2) Locking Catches or Tabs 

If you think the back of the chair needs to be firmer, probably remove the bracket fasteners and then tighten them. To properly place the tab in its slot, a flat screwdriver is always useful.

          3) Bolted On Back

Loosen the lower side of the back panel for bolted on backs. The bolts will be visible underneath, which you can remove. Reinstall the back by tightening the bolts that hold it to the seat posts.  

 Also, Refer to the  demo video on how to Remove and Repair a recliner chair back


Most of the steps are simple and easy to follow. A few may take some time to complete.

Thus it is simple to fix your recliner. We hope you like the article. Please give your suggestions in the comment box below

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