Kristi Stalder



Kristi Stalder lives and works out of her home in the little farm town of Tonasket, Washington, with her three kids and handsome husband. She began her writing journey nearly a decade ago and discovered her passion and purpose; she wants to write books and stories that will empower, enlighten, and offer a valuable takeaway for all of her readers.


As the former community relations director at an assisted living community from 2007 to 2018, Kristi became an advocate in the senior living industry and helped hundreds of families transition their loved ones into a safe environment in which they thrived. Much of her writing is inspired by the stories and personalities of the seniors in her community, all of whom she loved and adored. 


In 2018, Kristi made the choice to begin a career as a full-time writer and editor, and she went on to publish the Amazon bestselling guide, Navigating Assisted Living: The Transition into Senior LivingLater in 2019, she published her children’s book, I Love You More, illustrated by Julie Edwards. Most recently, she helped a ministry team of twelve women publish their first book, Transfigured: Scrolls from Heaven, as their book coach, editor, and publisher.


Kristi is a member of local writing groups and a regular participant—and official content contributor—to NaNoWriMo (short for National Novel Writing Month), a nonprofit community that helps aspiring authors write and get published. She continues to grow her business and is developing a mini-series of online writing workshops, launching in 2021.

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It’s my humble pleasure to help writers all over the world manifest their dreams and turn them into a tangible reality. I welcome you, reader, to visit me on my website and tell me about your goals!