8 Retirement Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

Retirement Podcasts

Planning your retirement can feel intimidating, especially when it comes to managing your finances, avoiding unnecessary taxes, or exploring investment options. As individual retirement goals may vary, not every strategy would work out for you. Thus, it is essential to understand your future goals and create a roadmap for your retirement accordingly. 

Focusing on different aspects of retirement planning, we’ve shared the top 8 retirement podcasts to tune into in 2024

Retirement Answers

As the name suggests, Retirement Answers is a podcast focused on answering your questions related to successful retirement planning. Jacob Duke shares some thoughtful insights and proven strategies to help you plan your retirement decisions. He shares a new episode every week covering essential aspects like retirement income planning, social security, investing, insurance planning, and more. Tune into this highly-rated retirement podcast to create a well-planned roadmap for your future.

Retire Often

Retire Often emphasizes the importance of retiring multiple times in a single career. It explores the advantages of mini-retirement, such as work-life balance, financial liberty, and peaceful living. This retirement podcast covers real-life stories about how people manage to take multiple breaks in their careers. The podcast offers group coaching to help plan a smooth transition from a hectic work routine to a relaxing holiday trip and a lot more.

Ready For Retirement

James Conole’s Ready For Retirement can help you get prepared to achieve your retirement goals. James breaks down the ways to carry out your retirement planning without feeling overwhelmed. He aims to share simple tricks to strategize a retirement in the best way possible. The weekly episodes of this podcast cover tax planning, withdrawal strategies, investing tips, and a lot more. Additionally, the episodes will walk you through different ways to prioritize your future goals before retiring.

Retirement Talk Podcast with Laura Stover

Retirement Talk with Laura Stover specifically focuses on wealth management as you get closer to retirement. Laura has over two decades of experience in providing expert advice related to financial planning. The retirement podcast revolves around several topics, such as wealth transfer, retirement income planning, tax management, and more. She also shares financial news and the latest retirement trends in each episode for a more detailed insight into retirement planning. 

The Retirement Answer Man Show

Roger Whitney’s The Retirement Answer Man Show is a special podcast that unlocks the secret of making the best out of your current and post-retirement life! It covers both personal and financial aspects of life after retirement. This show is all about how to create a peaceful lifestyle with financial security to achieve a true form of happiness and purpose. His podcast goes beyond the idea of managing finances before retirement to attain genuine peace backed by economic security.

The Retirement Years Podcast

Are you wondering what retirement would be like? The Retirement Years Podcast explores life after retirement. The hosts, Join Mary Ellen and Dave, share their personal retirement journeys with the listeners. This retirement podcast goes beyond the financial aspect and explores the next life stage on a more personal level. If you’re looking to take advice from recent retirees about how to plan for retirement, this podcast is a perfect choice.

Sound Retirement Radio

Feeling confused or overwhelmed about how to plan your retirement? Jason Parker’s Sound Retirement Radio aims to provide confidence, clarity, and liberty to make informed decisions related to your retirement. In each episode, Jason tends to break down complex concepts involved in retirement planning in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. This podcast covers all essential aspects, including retirement income planning, estate planning, investment advice, and tax strategies.

Badass Retirement

Badass Retirement is for those who want to ‘live’ their life even after retiring. This podcast challenges the idea of traditional retirement, which works on a belief that retirees are less capable and weak. The podcast motivates listeners to give up on average retirement and promotes the philosophy of playing it safe. If you want your retirement to be full of adventure, passion, and nothing less than an exciting journey, badass retirement is your way to go. Tune in to learn more!

Ready To Start Your Retirement Journey?

While listeners highly rate all of these retirement podcasts, you must select the one that aligns with your personal aspirations and future goals. If you want to create a solid retirement foundation, tune into podcasts like Retirement Answers or Ready For Retirement. If you’re looking for innovative retirement options, Retire Often or Badass Retirement podcasts are the best choice.

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