How Much Do Walk-In Tubs Cost (With Different Pricing Factors)?

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It can be difficult to know how much do walk-in tubs costs? We cover here walk-in tub prices according to brands, types, materials, installation costs, and more!!

When limited mobility issues become a serious concern you don’t want to take risks even if it is as simple a task as bathing. Most of the accidents happen in the bathroom due to the wet floor and when mobility is a concern there is no other better solution than walk-in tubs.

These are proven as a great investment to make the bathroom safer. However, once in a while, during making such investments we all come across one genuine question, that is – How much do walk-in tubs cost?

The price of a walk-in tub varies depending on certain factors – Type, Medical Necessity, Safety Features, Installation Cost, Tub Size, Limited Lifetime Warranty, Add-on Features, and much more. The average cost of a regular bathtub without any installation charges might come around $2000-$3000.

So, let’s take a deeper look at the factors that can affect the cost of a walk-in tub. And whether it is worth investing or not.

How Walk-In Tub Brands Influences Prices

Kohler Walk-in Bath Price

Kohler Walk-in bathtubs cost $4k to $12k and include a heated backrest, whirlpool jets, extra-wide seat with hand shower, and door.

Safe Step Walk-in Tub Price

Safe Step Walk-in Tub costs in the range of $2.5k to $12k and consists of a heated seat and backrest, hand showers, hydrotherapy jets, and an ozone cleaning system.

Ella Walk-in Tub Price

These bathtubs range from $2.3k to $9k and include a dual drain system with 80 second drain time. Customizable air and hydrotherapy jets, heated seat with a massage system.

Ella Bubbles walk in tub price range from $2.3K to $9K

Universal Walk-in Tub Price

These bathtubs range from $2.8k to $5.2k and include a deep soaker, fast-draining, wheelchair accessibility, inline hot water heater, and adjustable whirlpool jets.

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub Prices

Jacuzzi Walk-in bathtubs cost in the range of $4.8k to $10k and feature hydrotherapy jets, double-sealed doors, hand-held shower head, and fast-fill water supply with heated surfaces.

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How Walk-In Tub Type Influences Costs

As we have previously discussed, the walk-in tub costs vary due to several factors. The type of the walk-in tub is one of the main factors. Let’s take a deeper look into the types and they affect the cost.

Bariatric & Handicap Walk-In Bathtub Prices

On average the bariatric tub cost ranges from $10k to $20k, which is almost the same as the cost of luxurious models. These designs are wider than usual because they are specifically designed for larger people or those who have mobility issues and need wheelchair accessibility or need assistance in entering and exiting the tub. They may be whirlpool tubs, a soaking tub, an air bath, or a combination tub.

Luxury Walk-in Tub Cost

The average price of a luxury tub generally ranges from $15k to $20k. It may consist of expensive options or additional features such as adjustable water jets, wheelchair accessible, therapeutic features, curved backrest, ADA-compliant seat, chromotherapy lights, etc. The basic model of the Luxury walk-in tubs are generally larger in size and deeper and might have a contemporary appearance.

Luxury walk in tub price ranges from $15K to $20K

Longer walk-in tub

A contrast to the traditional bathtub, these tubs are larger in size. They are long enough so that you can lay down and stretch your sore muscles out. The range of such walk-in tubs is $3k to $7k. However, you might need to remodel your bathroom wall or bathroom floor to fit this longer tub.

Hydrotherapy Tub / Whirlpool Tub Cost

The average cost of a Hydrotherapy Walk-in tub ranges between $5k to $7k. These are water jetted tubs that circulate the water vigorously to provide deep tissue massage and better relaxing to muscle aches. You can use them as a soaking tub too with the help of a dedicated circuit and easy-to-reach controls. If you have blood circulation or heart disease then it is not recommended for you.

Soaker  Tub cost

These are considered as the basic walk-in tub model and it ranges from $2k to $5k. Such a basic model of the Soaking tubs are built deep for sitting and a comfortable bathing experience. They do not have whirlpool jets or other combination jet features but are designed to be more comfortable to sit and soak for a longer duration.

Standard Walk In Tub

It is the most basic model that can help you minimize the cost factors of the walk-in tub. It has a similar look to the normal bathtub, however, the walk-in tub doors are smaller on the side to allow you to enter and exit. The range of the standard tubs is between $1.5k to $5k.

Two-seat Walk-in Tub

A two-seater walk-in tub cost ranges between $7k and $20k. It has two built-in seats so that two users can have a comfortable bathing experience. It consists of a curved/heated backrest and a quick drain in the center. They can be a whirlpool, soaking, air bath, or combination systems. They are generally available in a larger size.

Air Jet Walk-in Tub

An air jet bathtub generates a stream of air bubbles from the small holes located in the tub to provide a gentle massage. This air massage is good for an increase in blood circulation which might benefit those who have diabetes or chronic conditions. They generally range in between $5k to $7k.

Walk-in tub with Shower

Such combination bathtubs come in the range of $10k to $20k.  Tub and Shower combination jets in a single unit are very useful for household peoples, those who want to shower while sitting. It can be a good solution for both the requirements.

Walk-in Bathtub Costs by Material Use

One of the most important factors that might affect the cost of the walk-in tub is the material used while manufacturing. The lowest price might get affected within the range of $1k to $8.5k depending on the material. The most common materials used in the walk-in tubs are Gelcoat, Porcelain, and Acrylic, with acrylic being the most durable material available in the market.


This is the most affordable material that can be used in the walk-in tubs and costs around $1k to $5k. In the process of molding the tub, a lightweight polyester coating is applied before sealing it with fiberglass and resin. This makes the tub thinner and lightweight, which is easier to lift than porcelain and acrylic tubs. Additionally, Gelcoat tubs are easy to install and repair. However, it might get scratched, cracked, or fade over time thus its maintenance is important.


These tubs’ cost ranges in between $2k to $7k on average, depending on the brand, design, and size. Porcelain has become a go-to choice for almost every walk-in tub. It has a thin steel sheet covered in porcelain enamel that makes it sturdy, durable, and increases its affordability. It requires minimum maintenance and has a long-lasting luxurious gloss.


This is the most costly material among the three and is solid material for tubs. It ranges between $3k to $8.5k. In addition, acrylic is easy to maintain and it is a popular choice because of its durability and design. Many organic designs are crafted from acrylic. It is shatter-resistant and can be used as a trusted alternative to glass.

Walk-in Tub Features That Affect Cost

Generally, a walk-in tub needs space that is about 60 in. long and 30 in. wide. Exact measurements may vary depending on the choice of the tub you make which may affect the cost of the walk-in tub. There are several more factors that have a major impact on additional costs for walk-in tubs:

  • Hydrotherapy system / Whirlpool Features

  • Tub Material

  • Handheld Showers

  • Low Step-in Threshold

  • Hot water seat or bench

  • Tankless Water Heater for Spa-like Experience

  • Custom Grab Bar 

  • Textured Floor

  • Fast filling and draining

  • Outward / Inward-Swinging Doors

  • A backrest

Custom Grab Bar On walk In Tub

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Walk-In Tub?

The labor costs to install a walk-in tub generally ranges from $2k to $10k considering the general costing of a disability remodeling contractor. It also depends on a number of factors, for example, the water carrying capacity of a tub. A traditional walk-in tub can carry up to 50 gallons of water. Here are some factors that can bump up the installation cost:

  • Drain Blockage Clearance or replacement (Can cost from $250 to $2500)

  • Replacing dedicated circuit for water supply (Can cost from $500 to $2500)

  • New Drywall or tile for wall damage – installation and replacement (Can cost from $1000 to $5000)

  • New Anti-slip floors and tile installation to fit walk-in tub in the old dimensions (Can cost from $500 to $3500)

  • Extra-wide door installation or renovation (Average cost from $1500 to $3500)

How Long Does It Take To Install A Walk-In Tub?

Walk-in tub installation takes about 1 to 2 days depending on the bathroom conditions, plumbing required, layout, electric outputs, and local code requirements. If there is no major remodeling required then most of the installation takes only 1 day to be completed. 

What questions to ask before Hiring A Walk-In Tub Installer?

  • Ask for the past portfolios of installation?

  • Will they remove or dispose of your old bathtub?

  • Are they licensed, insured, and bonded?

  • How do they handle the damages that happened on the job?

  • Who is the manager and will they use subcontractors?

  • What permits you need and will they obtain them?

  • What does their limited warranty policy include?

  • What is their payment schedule?

Installation Factors That Affect Walk-In Tub Costs ?

You might have to spend on installation as much or more than the bathtub cost depending on a few of the concerns that could affect the cost of installation:

1. Access

Depending on the size of the bathtub you selected, you might need to remove the door to get the bathtub into the bathroom.

2. Space

These walk in tubs for seniors are created to fit the American standard’s with standard size of shower and tub. If you want extra space then you can have built-in drawers and shelves at additional cost.

3. Plumbing & Electrical

These depend on the type of features that you picked for your bathtub. Both are required for drainage and supply of water. You must have a professional plumber to perform the task. The pipelines must be ¾ inch for rapid water filling. And the drain pump requires a committed 15 Amp and all the circuits must be grounded. You must ensure that you hire a certified electrician to perform the work.

Walk-in Tub Repair & Replacement Cost Tub

Walk-in Tub Repair

Walk-in tubs with mechanical/electrical features are in need of consistent maintenance, which can affect the cost. However, using the self-cleaning system and periodically running the hydrotherapy jets and air jets can reduce the repair needs. In case your tub’s surface is cracked or wears out, the repair or refinishing might cost you $200 to $600.

Cost To Remove A Walk-In Tub

If your tub is fading or has cracks and other damages and you want to remove it then the cost to remove a walk-in tub will be around $100 to$550, including the labor charges to destroy and exclude the wreckage.

Financial Assistance For Walk-In Tub 

If you find yourself a little tight on budget and can’t afford the cost of a walk-in tub then there are several other financial assistance options available to cover the cost of a walk-in tub. They are listed below:

  1. There are many states who have various programs to help senior citizens pay for home modifications.

  2. The USDA’s rural area grants for elderly residence/home modifications. However, you must meet their specific criteria.

  3. Non-profit organizations grants to cover elderly and disable people’s home modification cost.

  4. Manufacturer discounts and rebates for people with specific medical conditions.

1. Does Medicare cover walk-in tub costs?

No. The government insurance program – Medicare Part B covers durable material equipment such as balance canes, walkers for seniors, patient lifts, commode chairs, scooters, and wheelchairs, however, medicare does not cover the cost of a walk-in tub, installation requirement/home remodeling, or any other related works.

2. Does Medicaid cover walk-in tubs?

As Medicaid is a state government-run program, its rule may vary state by state. You can take a look at the state’s Medicaid waivers here.

3. Are walk-in tubs tax deductible?

If the purchase you made is a qualified medical expense according to the IRS then you might be able to deduct the cost of a walk-in tub on your federal income taxes. The qualified medical expenses must fall in these categories:

  1. Fund used for the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease
  2. Payment for the treatments affecting any structure or function of the body.

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