5 Best Bedside Commodes (2021) | Bedside Toilet Chairs for Adults

This guide covers the best bedside commodes along with their features, pros, cons and also would let you know which is the best choice according to us by the end of this article.

Best Overall

medline 3 in 1 Bedside Commode

Best Heavy Duty Bedside Toilet

Drive Medical Folding Bedside Commode

Best Bariatric

Vive Folding 3 in 1 Bedside toilet

A bedside commode is something which is highly useful for old, hurt, and people with severe health ailments. A product which is the best for seniority designed to be a bedroom toilet in which mobility of the person is as little as possible. Although it is also required to mentally prepare the person before they start using the bedside commode.

It is designed to help people with limited mobility and also have a difficult time getting all the way from the bed to the bathroom.

Although it is unfortunate to encounter a situation using this product, it is one of the most useful and essential products which makes people’s life easy. Thus it becomes very important to understand the right kind and type of commode before purchasing.

Now let us directly delve into the various bedside commodes that we have shortlisted for you.

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#1 Best Overall - Medline 3-in-1 Bedside Commode

Medline 3 in 1 Bedside Portable Commode
Medline 3 in 1 Bedside Portable Commode

This bedside commode from The Medline is a great choice as it works in three ways for chronic or temporary medical mobility challenges.

It can be used as a bedside commode which is its primary feature, it can be used as an elevated seat above the constructed toilet by just removing the lid and adding the splash guard, or can also be used as a safety rail in your original toilet by removing off the seats.

It will provide additional security to the user. This commode is completely odor and stain-free as it is infused with Micro ban protection all over its handles and seats which will not let the molds, bacteria, or even mild dew sediment.

There is a splash guard if the chair is used as an over the toilet. For easy cleaning purposes, this commode also has a removable clip-on seat and lid.

This product is the best hospital bedside commode too as it is convenient to use, very easy to clean, and above all, it is multifunctional.

There is a built-in holder to keep the toilet paper handy. The rubber knobs attached to the legs of this commode ensure non-skidding and non-corroding of the floor. The height of the chair can be easily adjusted using the locking push-buttons without requiring any tools.

It provides height increments of 1 inch from 23.5 inches to 29.75 inches. The chair accommodates a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds.

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#2 Heavy-Duty Bedside Commode - Drive Medical Bariatric

Drive Medical Heavy Duty bedside Commode Chair
Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bedside Commode Chair

If you are searching for a good but less expensive product, then The Drive Medical bedside commode is the best option.

This is used more for those who need it temporarily and not as a permanent solution.

If someone is hurt in the accident or in a game or has been asked to be on bed rest for a while, for them this bedside toilet is the best choice.

We are very well aware that medical expenses are immensely costly and inevitable, we have included this budget-friendly option on our list.

Although the cost is less and the use is temporary, there has been no compromise in the quality, which gives us a few features to discuss. To make it sturdy and non-collapsible, this heavy duty bedside commode, as the name suggests is made strong using grew-powder coated steel. Plastic is used for the lid and the snap-on seat and is non padded too. Thus it makes it less expensive.

The bucket has a 7.5-quart capacity and comes with both a lid and a handle, which is nice to see in a bargain buy type of product. It can support a total weight of 350 pounds, but it is better to stick with 300 pounds for safety purposes.

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#3 The Bariatric Bedside Commode - Vive Folding 3 in 1 Toilet Seat Chair

Vive Bariatric Bedside Commode Chair
Vive Bariatric Bedside Commode Chair

The Vive Bariatric Bedside Commode Chair comes with a 6-quart capacity pail and is a good versatile commode for elderly options.

There is a lid and a splash guard that comes along with this pail. This commode can be used as a stand-alone unit and also it acts as a 3-in-1 commode chair with a safety toilet rail frame, or as an elevated toilet seat for your existing toilet.

It can easily fold away and is thus convenient for storage purposes.

It comes in a pre-assembled package with height adjustment provisions that do not require any tools to do so.

The user can raise or lower the height of the chair through easy tool-free adjustments. The leg height can be easily adjusted from 14.5 inches to 20 inches for user comfort. 

The chair is completely corrosion-resistant as it is made up of stainless steel. It is thus light in weight as well, but it ensures proper support, is a sturdy and stable option accommodation up to 500 pounds.

Each leg tip has a non-marking anti-skid rubber cap that prevents tipping for the user and thus provides additional stability.

For the comfort of the user, the armrest is neatly covered with cushion-like soft material which does not cause any pain or redness to the arms of the user.

The chair comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Watch a video on how to use 3 in 1 Vive Bariatric Bedside Commode

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#4 Drop Arm Bedside Commode Chair - 11135-1 Bariatric Drop Arm Bedside

Drive Medical Bariatric Drop Arm Bedside Commode
Drive Medical Bariatric Drop Arm Bedside Commode

This bedside commode with drop arms is a very sturdy and portable option for the user. It also offers easy bedside access to the user and also works as a toilet riser or safety frame on your existing toilet.

This commode type can accommodate a user weight if up to 450 pounds as the frame is sturdy and stable. There is a plastic armrest for the comfortable seating of the user. The rubber knobs attached to the legs of this commode ensure non-skidding and non-corroding of the floor. 

The lid is available on the pail which is used to rest on the top. It holds a capacity of 8 quarts, steel frame which is very durable and very convenient to clean and maintain as well. For the sake of smooth and hassle-free transferring of the patient from the bed to the commode, the frame has a fixed back and drop-arms.

A wide range of seat adjustments is given in this bedside commode as it is made of steel and plastic. Starting from the floor, 17.5 inches to 23.62 inches of adjustment can be made. The chair legs have buttons that can be used for height adjustment to meet your specific needs. It weighs 16.1 pounds and comes with an instruction manual.

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#5 Bedside commode with padded seat - Dignity Ultra-Premium

Dignity ultra Premium Bedside commode Chair
Dignity Ultra Premium Bedside commode Chair

This bedside toilet as the name suggests has everything that is premium and aims in giving complete luxury and safety to the user.

The Dignity Ultra-Premium Padded Commode has a soft, padded, warm seat base, armrest, and backrest with commercial-grade PU foam used in it that will never absorb water and prevents sliding making it super convenient to maintain, disinfect, and clean.

Being premium this commode seat is extra-large and extra-comfortable with 16 inches X 16 inches and 20 inches of width between the armrests.

Unlike the rest of the premium range of bedside commodes, this one is way too big and comfortable. 

This commode chair has a 100% open front which allows convenient access to wipe and clean effectively. It is equally convenient to the user as well.

It is a new style and pretty looking bedside commode and not at all like the old-styled ones with metal bars and typical seats.

A great amount of safety is provided through this chair thanks to its padded and heavy weight-bearing armrests. 

The best part is this bedside commode can be assembled in less than 60 seconds making it one of the best takes for the user’s caretaker.

The entirely medically graded and rust-free aluminum frame is a plus point with an extensive range of height adjusting features and commercial grade make of the product. 

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What features should you consider when choosing a bedside commode?

Bedside commode chairs assist people with a variety of mobility and continence-related issues, from pediatric to adult and bariatric users.

During the process of selecting the best-suited bedside commode, you should look at the agility of the user and the ease with which they would be able to move and support their own body weight.

Depending on the body weight, you can choose the commode material between PVC, steel, plastic, or aluminum.

1. User Mobility

Some risers are designed for easy removal so that others can use the toilet as well. If you use the same toilet as everyone else, consider one such riser.

However, the best type of risers does not require additional pieces or tools for installation and removal.

2. Choose the Right Type of Bedside Commodes

You would be able to buy a perfect product once you understand the different types of commode for the elderly and the ways to identify them.

We have listed out the types of commodes for your better understanding.

Padded Bedside Commodes

People having skin shearing and sores issues can choose this as their best option as it is very comfortable for them. People who are stuck to bed due to their ailments or people with very little mobility can stay at ease with this padded bedside toilet. Cleaning is not an issue as well, and they also come in models that come with armrests to provide additional comfort.

Bariatric Porable Bedside toilet

These kinds of portable bedside commodes for seniors are suitable for heavy people as they come with reinforced frames, considerable width between armrests, have bench-style seats, and can support more weight than your average product can.

Bariatric Commode features

Image: Amazon

Drop-arm Portable Commode

This drop-arm commode is the best take for people who use wheelchairs and prefer directly being transferred from bed to the commode instead of walking. As the name suggests, the arms of these types of commodes for the elderly will collapse to make transfer easier. They can be put back up once the user is seated.

Folding Bedside Commodes

These are the most cost-efficient bedside commodes and they also come in all shapes and sizes. They can be easily transported from one place to another as they are foldable. It is very convenient for the user as well if the person who needs the commode only requires having it in the room at night. During the day, it can easily be folded and stored.


This is an all-encompassed bedside commode providing almost all the necessary features for a less mobile person. It has specifically 3 functions that it fulfills, they are toilet safety frames, raised toilet seats, and the best bedside commodes for seniors. They serve the purpose of a shower chair as well. It is a great space saver too, so you would not feel a bit in investing in this. Instead of having multiple products for multiple uses, you can have a 3-in-1 bedside commode.

3. Versatility

Based on the frequency of the mobility and strength of the user, you need to choose the commode. At the same time, you need to ensure that the commode that you are purchasing has ample space in the room of the user. You would need to factor in the size and style of the commode depending on how much space you have.

4. Form, Function, and Pricing

Bedside commode chairs come in different pricing ranges- from $50 to more than $1000.

The price varies mostly due to differences in the design. A simple chair or a bench seat style portable commode will cost much less than a three-in-one chair that is well padded and has cantilever arms, a splash guard, and a removable backrest.

However, there are some standard features that are commonly expected in all models of bedside commode chairs, regardless of their price. Rubber tips on the legs that prevent the unit from sliding, height-adjustable legs, and an easy-to-empty pail are some of the features that you can commonly expect in almost all models.

If you are looking at the more expensive luxurious models, you will find features like thick, padded seat cushions with foam hand grips.

Certain models also come with a powder-coated painted finish in multiple colors against a standard and basic aluminum, PVC, or raw steel finish.

5. Weight Capacity

To protect the bedside commode users, they come with strict weight limits and are thus very important to understand the right capacity of the commode you are buying, as to if it is in order to protect the users.

That is why it is important to use the correct information while considering which bedside commode you should purchase as without understanding the right capacity can lead to safety risks such as failure of the arm support, buckling of the commode legs, and slippage.

6. Height and Width

For individuals who are looking at using their commode in multiple locations, they should look for features like adjustable legs and a removable back as the ADA compliant toilets’ height is generally 17 to 19 inches for fixed or portable, and for regular bathroom fixed commode, they are  16 1/8 inches. 

How do you use a bedside commode?

Ensuring the bedside commode is safely placed and is within the reach of the user is the right way of using it.

The commode should support and accommodate the user’s weight and shape.

The height of the seat and armrests should be adjusted so that they’re supportive and easy to reach without too much bending or maneuvering required.

Watch A Video On How To Use A Bedside Commode

Make sure that the commode is placed in a place where it is not uncomfortable or difficult for the user while using it.

The nearby area and surrounding where the commode is placed must be clean and free of unnecessary things, which will not cause any hurt to the user in case the user tends to fall while seated in the commode.

Ensure that the commode’s rubber feet or casters are securely locked into place so that it remains stable during use.

People Also Ask

A bedside commode is a convenient option for patients, elderly people or temporarily ill people as it is a stand-alone, non-flushing commode which can be placed next to a bed or somewhere within a room for the user to easily use it.

They are easily portable, light in weight, but yet study to hold the user’s weight, having chair-like features with arm rests for support and removable waste buckets attached underneath the toilet seat for easy cleaning.

Well there is a wide extensive range of bedside commodes costing as per their make, requirement and usage. They range between $ 37.99 and $3303.88. You can choose the one as per your convenience ad requirement.

Most bedside commodes do have recommended upper weight limits and are not always designed to accommodate larger users. You will want to shop for a special bariatric model designed to meet your needs.

Privacy and dignity are both important issues when it comes to the use of a bedside commode. You may be able to create a privacy screen or use a bell or other signaling device to alert your caretaker discreetly after you have finished the session.

Under certain circumstances, yes! In fact, commode chairs are often the only equipment Medicare covers in the bathroom.  Medicare considers bedside commodes Durable Medical Equipment (DME), which Medicare Part B covers. However, a deductible applies. Medicare will cover up to 80% of the cost of a commode chair as long as other criteria (such as a physician’s prescription) is met.   

According to the websites of several private insurers, bedside commodes are considered to be medically necessary for members who are physically unable to use traditional facilities. 

However, these insurers required the qualifying member be confined to a single room (or a level of the home) where there is no bathroom to qualify. Check your insurance policy and talk to a provider before making your decision to purchase a bedside commode!


Planning ahead is crucial. For example, one way to help decrease odors and make clean-up easier is to put several inches of water in the bottom of the waste bucket, or line it with an absorbent pad or sanitation bag. It is also wise to have supplies that may be needed near the commode, such as extra toilet paper, gloves, and disposable wipes or washcloths. Preparing the commode space with these necessary items is prudent for comfortable, easy use as well as to make clean-up simple.

3-in-1 commodes are designed to able to function as:

  • A bedside commode
  • A raised toilet seat
  • A toilet safety frame

As the name suggests drop arm commodes have armrests that drop down out of the way to aid for side transfers.

Bariatric commode chairs are extra wide, heavy duty chairs that offer additional strength size and comfort with a larger seating area and reinforced frame built to support individuals who require a larger weight capacity.

Rolling commodes are basically commode chairs on wheels. They serve as the best portable commodes and can also be used to take patients or elderly people to the bathroom safely.

So long as you choose to purchase a bedside commode within range of the user's body mass, these devices are exceptionally safe to use. (For reference, the weight capacity for standard portable toilets is 300 pounds, but bariatric models can accommodate up to 1,000 pounds.)

Amazon Recommended Bedside Commodes


Considering our analysis on durability, strength, comfort, and cost-efficiency, we recommend 3-in-1 Bedside Commode for the elderly as our best choice.

Mindblowing user reviews, amazing and useful features, complete safety precautions and efficiency is what backs our decision. 

You can take our choice into consideration after all the research and survey that has gone behind this. Please refer to this article prior to purchasing a bedside commode. Hope this guide of our best bedside commode was useful. 

Keep following our page for more seniority help-related articles.

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