Why are Tennis Balls Used on Walkers?

Tennis balls can be used as a walker’s accessory and can prevent you from slipping. Find out here why seniors use tennis balls and why it’s worth using.

Why Tennis balls are used on Walkers
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Nowadays, a tennis ball can be used as a walker accessory and placed on the bottom of a walker to create more friction with the ground, preventing or decreasing slippage when walking. This walker floor protector is helpful for those who have difficulty balancing when using their walkers. Find out here why tennis balls are used on walkers by seniors and why it’s worth using.

1. Best For Indoors

Tennis balls will be more useful on indoor tile and certain types of cement that have a coating on them. Tennis balls will not slide over raw cement or pavement, and certain carpets make it more difficult.

2. Safe To Use Tennis Balls on Walkers for Seniors

There are several benefits of using tennis balls on walkers for the elderly. One of the main reasons why tennis balls on walkers are safe to use by seniors is that tennis balls have become a common accessory for walkers, which increases the ability to maneuver and scoot around. Senior citizens who find their walkers hard to control because of slick floors can apply two tennis balls to the front legs of their walker carts to increase control.

3. Tennis Balls On Walkers Are Less Noisy

There are reports from senior citizens who find that using tennis balls on their walkers has resulted in less noise while walking. When used on floors, hard plastic sliders for walkers are loud and squeak occasionally. Tennis balls for walkers benefit from this feature since they glide silently and effortlessly across surfaces. Furthermore, these balls are cushioned and constructed of soft fabric. As a result, they don’t squeak on the ground.

4. Provides More stability and traction

On walkers, tennis balls are used to add a little more stability and traction when moving around. The standard rubber tips on the bottoms of walkers can be a bit slippery at times. They’re bigger than the tips, so there’s more surface area and even provide more traction.

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5. Tennis Balls Are Easy To Install And Are Irreplaceable

Tennis balls with pre-cut holes for walkers are common and can be placed onto the walker’s legs. This pre-cut tennis ball for walkers eliminates the stress of cutting tennis balls and reduces the time to install and replace them.

6. Tennis balls Don’t Cost Much

Tennis balls are cheap and last for a long time. This is even better because you can buy several sets of tennis balls per month, which is essential since tennis balls get worn out.

7. Tennis Balls Reduce Ankle Joint Stress By Absorbing Bumps On The Walker

Tennis balls easily slide on the walker’s legs so that when one is placed onto the walker, it will absorb and prevent you from bumping into objects, especially when you are walking slow.

Disadvantage Of Tennis ball on a walker

Tennis balls can get Dirty

Tennis balls (when installed on walkers) can get dirty due to dirt on the tips and wheels of walkers. Especially when walkers are used outdoors, tennis balls may get dirty and worn out faster. If germs and dirt are a severe concern, clean the walker as much as possible because there isn’t yet a solution that doesn’t gather germs.

Alternatives To Tennis Ball

There are two alternatives to tennis balls i.e. walker skis and walker coasters.

Walkers skis or rollers are a more permanent option because they don’t get dirty and easily wear out. Walker coasters have an advantage for preventing germs from getting stuck on the wheels. Coasters can be used indoors and outdoors to prevent dirt from being tracked from outside. 


Tennis balls on walkers are easily replaceable and installable to improve the mobility and safety of walkers. Tennis balls should be tried by anyone wishing to add a little more flexibility and those looking for floor protectors for walkers. Pop them off and never use them again if they don’t feel like something useful. This type of setup will also help those who prefer the concept of adding a little bit of color and distinctiveness to their walker.

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