What Are The Things To Consider Before Buying Walker Glide?

Seniors use walker glides to provide a smoother surface for better movement. So they must check the criteria on how to choose or buy a walker glide.

How To Choose And Buy Walker Glides?

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Below are the 8 factors to consider before buying glides for walker

1. Measure the Diameter of the legs of a walker

The diameter of the legs is significant to make sure that the wheels of glides are correctly mounted. In obese people, some walker glides are made with a smaller wheel that can’t support a person’s weight. A good way to determine what size of wheels you will need is to check the diameter of your legs. It is usually around 30 inches for most people.

2. Look for High-Quality components for walker glides

The materials used in walker glides are very important, especially for the safety of an individual. The wheel, the bearings, and the glides are just some examples of essential parts that can fail and cause injuries. Check for high-quality components that will be able to support your weight.

3. Stability is a key factor when evaluating walker glides

A walker should have a good weight capacity. But it is also important to consider the walker glides used to make it fit nicely on the walker.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Use

The walker glides are essential for seniors that need to use upright walker for outdoor activities. Glides should have high-density rubber on the bottom to provide traction and a good grip on flat ground. The wheels must also be made of hard plastic to roll over irregular terrain, slippery and muddy surfaces.

5. Choose the correct type of walker glide

When shopping for glides for walkers, it is essential to know what type you are buying. There are three types of walker glidestennis ball glide, non-skis, or rubber. The rubber type is the most popular because it is easiest to clean and maintain, and it’s a good choice for seniors with limited strength. The tennis ball glides on walkers can protect hardwood floors from scratches. They’re simple to set up and use for people of all ages.

6. Types Of wheels on Walkers

Walker glides come in two types of wheels i.e. Rubber Wheels and swivel wheel.

“Rubber Wheels” are mostly used in smooth surfaces like homes, apartments, hospitals, and shopping malls. It comes with thick wheels in soft rubber and helps move the walker from one place to another without any scratches.

“Swivel Wheels” are mainly used on outdoor surfaces like parks, parking lots, streets, etc. It comes with the link of wheels so that they can be rotated in both directions, which helps eases the wheeling motion from one place to another.

7. Wheel Count

It’s possible that adding wheels simply at the front of your walker will improve mobility. However, having wheels on all four legs on certain surfaces, such as carpets, may make pulling your walker easier.

Three wheels on walkers may provide a tighter turning radius, making this a viable option for confined areas. Four wheels, on the other hand, make your walker more stable.

8. Easy Installation

There are two ways to install a walker glide on hardwood floors. One way is to put the walker glide on the floor, flip it over to roll forward, and connect it to the base plate. The second way is placing the walker glide on the floor and push it across to flip it over and connect it to the base plate. 

The two methods are easy to install, but some people prefer one of these methods over another. Also, make sure they can attach to any style with ease. It’s advisable to choose slides for walkers that don’t require any tools to install.

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When reviewing these factors in the context of walker glides, make sure to think about best walkers with seat for seniors. Ultimately, if you choose to buy a walker glide, it’s important to be realistic, and you need to do thorough research before choosing it.

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