What is the difference between king and split king?

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You have probably seen the size options of a split king, if you have ever been looking for a new mattress. You might have asked yourself: what the heck is that? To help you decide if the split king is right for you or not we have defined and stated differences between split king and the king.

King Vs Split king What is the difference

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A split king is made up of two mattresses that are the same size, which is one of the key differences between a king and a split king. Split kings are a great option for couples that have different mattress preferences.

There’s also a qualitative difference between a king and a split king mattress. The head and feet of a regular king mattress move together on the single bed base, whereas the head and feet of a split king mattress move on two separate bed bases.

What's a King Mattress?

The width and length of a standard king-size mattress are 76 and 80 inches, respectively. 

A king-size mattress can cost anywhere from $700 to $4,000 depending on the features and materials in the mattress.

The king-size is the most popular size mattress on the market for large families and huge spaces.

It works well in a master bedroom that is at least 12 × 12 feet in size. A king-sized mattress is great if you share your bed with children or pets.


  • It’s a perfect solution for couples.
  • More space for yourself.
  • It can be used in the master bedrooms.


  1. It’s pricey.
  2. Heavy and difficult to move.

What’s a Split King Mattress?

A split king-size mattress is a two twin XL size mattresses combined alongside to match the exterior area of a regular king-size mattress. People who frequently move, as well as couples with individual needs and preferences, are ideal for split king mattresses.


  • It’s ideal for couples whose sleep choices aren’t compatible.
  • No motion transfer
  • Each sleeper has their personal space. 


  • Assembling involves a lot of work.
  • Compared to a conventional king mattress, it’s expensive.
  • The gap could make you feel uncomfortable.

The Split king Provides A Solution For Different Sleeping Needs

You can buy one large king-size mattress for your needs if you both want the same mattress style.

If you have varied sleeping preferences, a split king might help you choose the mattress that is perfect for you while still keeping you close together at night.

Though this might cost you a little bit more, it is still worth buying.


These mattresses are of the same size and come at almost the same prices. It all depends on your needs, the size of the room with the budget you have.

If you both have different sleeping needs, then a split king mattress will be the best option for you. With that, each person would be able to move independently and choose their favorite position to sleep.

A king-size mattress is a better option if you notice few problems with split king like mattresses might slide although manufacturers saying it won’t. Hope this King vs Split King guide may help you buy the mattress for your room.

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