How To Safely Use A Cane?

Canes are used to regain mobility if you are injured or had surgery and help with balance problems or muscle weakness. Get some safety tips here on how to use a cane safely

how to safely use a cane

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A walking cane is the most used product for the elderly that can help avoid falls, walk over uneven terrain, helps seniors to rise from sitting or lying flat on their back, and provide support when doing other tasks. 

According to a study, the majority of elderly people choose to use a walking cane on their own, and it helped them with their balance issues.

 All in all, it’s an excellent option to have in your arsenal of items to aid mobility so long as it doesn’t interfere with your independence.

While they provide numerous advantages, new users are frequently left asking, “How do I use a cane properly?” Well, There are many ways to use a walking cane for any number of purposes. Find out here

How To Use a Cane When Walking On Stairs or Slopes?

When you are doing stair climbing, you need to use a cane to support yourself. For example, when using a metal cane, the long barrel on the bottom is used for support when climbing stairs. The shorter barrel at the top of the cane is used for balance on flat ground or while walking around certain objects.”

When Walking Upstairs With A Cane:

1. Hold the cane with one hand on the handrail and the other on the cane.

2. Place the tip of the cane on the ground in front of you as you step up with your good leg, to prevent tripping and then move your “bad” leg

3. If the stairs don’t have a railing, then take one step forward with your “good” leg, then put the cane on the same step while moving your “bad” leg ahead.

how to use cane with stairs
A man walking upstairs with a cane

When walking downstairs with a cane:

1. Start with both legs on the same step

2. Hold the cane and put down your good leg on the next step 

3. Follow with your weaker leg after your foot is firmly placed. 

4. Lower your cane to your side when both feet are placed firmly.

5. Repeat the process

How To Use Walking Cane on Level surface?

– Position the cane on the side of your lower leg that is not carrying your weight and opposite to the injured leg. 

– When walking on the ground or plain area move forward with your injured leg.

-Every time you take a step with your “good” leg, keep your cane in place.

– Often raise the cane up before it touches the ground for better balance and support.


How To Use A Walking stick while sitting on Chair?

A man using cane while sitting on chair

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Steps To follow

 – Place your recliner chair in such a way that the edge of your seat touches the back of your leg.

– When you sit down, place your cane in front of your feet and lean towards the cane while lowering down into the chair. 

-When sitting, use your cane for support by placing its tip on the ground and shifting some of your body weight onto it.

How To use a Cane If you have a bad Knee?

You’ll be asked to stay active and use a cane if you’ve had knee surgery.

Steps to take following if you’re using a walking stick after knee surgery

– Use the cane in the opposite hand to avoid using it on your weak leg.

– To maintain a regular gait cycle, step forward with your bad knee to support your weak leg and relieve some of the stress on your weak knee


How To Use a cane To Prevent Falls?

Use nonslip rubber soles on your shoes when using a walking stick on waxed floors or slippery surfaces. If your present cane becomes worn or loses its traction, you may put a rubber tip on it.

Additional safety Tips Of Using a cane

There are some safety steps people should take when walking with a cane. Find out here

  1. Avoid Looking down and instead, look straight.
  2. Make sure your cane is not too high or too low.
  3. Hold the cane opposite to your injured leg.
  4. Keep your cane far from your body so that it doesn’t slip.
  5. Avoid rushing while using a cane.
  6. Take smaller steps while walking with a cane.
  7. At your home, use nonslip bath mats, safety bars, and a raised toilet seat in your bathroom.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Walking Cane?

Any cane you use should be matched to your specific needs and properly fit you. As a result, before you start looking for a best cane for balance problems, you should figure out how much help you’ll need from it and whether you need one.

1. Type Of Cane

Different kinds of walking canes are designed for different kinds of mobility problems. They help the user balance while standing or walking by adding support. Thus it’s important to choose a cane based on strength, comfort, and stability.

2. Select cane with appropriate grip


Select walking cane with proper grip

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Most of the canes provide rubber or plastic handles and some of them even provide cushioned grip. It is important to select cane according to your need and comfort.

A good grip should be firm, easy to hold and have a texture that will not slip from your hand when you are using it.

3.Criteria for length of Cane

The length of the cane depends on the height, weight and mobility problem of the user. Users with height less than 5’5″ needs a cane with a height less than 38″.

If you are wondering how to go about shopping for walkers, we’ve pulled together some of the best walkers with seat for seniors to consider.


Seniors who wish to age in place or stay at home should think about all of the above factors before purchasing. We are confident that using a cane will be easy and with no issues for you. Using a cane appropriately, whether you have a short-term injury or a long-term condition, is a great way to eliminate mobility concerns.

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