What Is The Best Sleeping Position On an Adjustable bed?

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An Adjustable bed can give you the most comfortable sleep. Here is  a guide to finding out which is the best position to sleep on an adjustable bed

What is the best sleeping position on an adjustable bed

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If you’re sleeping in an adjustable bed, you might be wondering what the best position is for your head and back to make sure that you are getting the most comfortable sleep possible. Find out here

1. Side Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed

This is probably what you’re used to if you’ve been sleeping in an adjustable bed for a while.

But, you might be interested to know that there are actually some interesting health benefits to sleeping on an adjustable bed.

According to a study, the average side-sleeping-adjustable bed user gets more sleep and has less back pain and snoring than a person who sleeps on their stomach.

2. Sleeping on Your Back

According to a study done by the National Institute of Clinical Studies and Clinical Research in Italy, sleeping on your back is actually much better for your neck alignment than sleeping on your side.

Adjustable beds are made to adapt to your spine’s natural “S” curve, providing extra support for your knees, spine, and hips. This helps to ease discomfort temporarily, and you’ll get a restful night’s sleep as a result!

3. Sleeping With your head Raised on An adjustable Bed

If you have mobility limitations, sleeping with your head and feet raised is an excellent option. When you need to get out of bed, you can adjust your bed this way. Plus, resting in this position is great for watching TV or reading your favorite book. If you are a senior and looking out for a bed then we suggest you check out our best adjustable beds for seniors.

4. Sleeping In zero Gravity position on an adjustable bed

This position is best for people with back pain or suffering from arthritis. Adjust the bed to zero gravity mode and go to bed. Lie on your back, put a pillow under the knees, and resting your head on one arm. The other hand can support your head or tuck under the pillow. Then you will feel as if you are floating in space.

Many adjustable beds include a zero-gravity setting, which means you can simply press a button and the bed will shift you into this position automatically.

If you are bed bound senior,  who cannot do the recommended amount of physical activity then you can try these bed exercises for elderly

For older adults who cannot do the recommended amounts of physical activity.


Adjustable beds have pros and cons both and here we don’t suggest buying an adjustable bed if you sleep on your stomach because lifting your head and feet in this position may put strain on your spine.


We have presented you with the 5  best sleeping positions on an adjustable bed. Now it is time for you to choose the best adjustable bed for your relaxation.

You can make changes to your bed’s height, firmness, and surface how you like to be comfortable and rest better when having a good sleep at night.

We hope these tips help you deciding which sleeping position on the adjustable bed is best for you.

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