10 Health Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed Frame

Health Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed Frame

Sleep is an essential part of our wellness, but the required 7-8 hours it often elusive for many people who suffer from chronic health problems. However, adjustable bed base are one of the best solutions to get a comfortable good night sleep.


Adjustable bed frames have made their way into many bedrooms to solve sleep problems and to assist many owners to address recurring health issues. Additionally, an adjusting bed allows you to modify your sleeping position and keep your body weight evenly distributed across the common touch points.

A comfortable sleep has many health benefits. Here are the 10 benefits of an adjustable bed frame that help to ease several types of pain and enhance your sleep.

Alleviates Back Pain

The most common problem treated by an adjustable bed base is back pain. Around one-half of working Americans face back pain symptoms every year. Many individuals find it hard to better sleep comfortably on their back; hence, they tend to sleep in difficult positions causing problems with spinal alignment shift, breathing, and blood flow.


If your back is not aligned properly throughout the night or you have too much stress on one part of your body, you might pressure the sciatic nerve causing you to wake up with lower back pain. An adjustable frame helps you to ease your back pain.


The benefits of an this bed frame is that it provides support to your back and allow for a slight bend in the knees. These slight adjustments allow an easing of additional pressure on the lower back and spine. The main benefit of the adjustable bed frame is the height feature.

This feature can take the pressure off until the back pain is eliminated. It also helps in aiding getting in-out of the bed.

Adjustable Bed Frame Benefits

Eases sleep Apnea, Snoring, & Asthma

Breathing is one of the common issues preventing people from good sleep. People who suffer from sleep apnea stop breathing for a few periods while they sleep. Research states that 26% of adults from 30 to 70 years of age have sleep apnea. 


Just like sleep apnea, snoring and asthma are also breathing problems. 

Snoring happens when an individual is lying flat, in this position the neck adds extra weight on the windpipe resulting in closing and making a sound like snoring.


One of the main benefits of adjustable bed base is that it lifts the head up and allows the weight to be removed from the windpipe which stops the snoring problem.


Sleeping in a halfway up position can improve the airflow, blood flow in the body and allows a healthier undisturbed sleep. The bed keeps the body well oxygenated and decreases the asthma attacks additionally, it reduces the congestion by keeping sinuses free from the fluid.

Lightens Joint Pains and Ligaments


Getting out of bed can be a challenge for anyone suffering from joint pain. Sleeping on a regular bed adds unnecessary pressure on the joints resulting in even worse pain for people with arthritis. Over 80% of people with arthritis have trouble sleeping.


These conditions can be eased by using this type of bed frames. The beds alleviate the pressure from your joints allowing a comfortable position to rest. An adjustable bed not only relieve arthritis pain but also assists you to find the best sleeping position.

Individuals can also use the remote control to adjust themselves to step out of the bed easily. The benefits of adjustable bed usage is that it helps with the morning stiffness and helps in stimulating the blood flow in the legs.

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Reduces Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Many individuals tend to eat before going to the bed, lying flat can elevate stomach acid to rise up into the throat resulting in heartburn and indigestion. This is also known as acid reflux which causes a burning sensation in the chest and can be mistaken as a heart problem.


This not only makes your sleeping difficult but can also harm your concentration, mood, and other parts of your life. Using adjustable bed base for this situation is a start for reducing your symptoms or making them more manageable.

Sleeping or resting in an elevated position can prevent acid reflux and can improve digestion. Raising the head at least 6 inches to improve these conditions and have a good sleep. A better option is to invest in a bed that has an adjustable base.

Eases Insomnia

Of the most common sleep disorders is insomnia. Around a quarter of the adult population suffers from sleep disorders and 6 to 10% have insomnia. It is often untreated or unrecognized which may increase other illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and depression. Anxiety and pain can be common causes of insomnia, leaving people tossing and turning throughout the night. 

Easing insomnia is one of the health benefits of adjustable bed frame. A slight incline can relax your mind and body in many ways that a traditional mattress can not do.

A perfect sleeping position can improvise your blood movements and oxygen flow, which will make you at ease and you’ll fall asleep faster.

Improves Blood Circulation and Heals Heart Issues


Sleeping on the flat frame or regular mattress can intensify the heart problems. The good blood flow of oxygen rich-blood is needed to maintain the heart. Poor blood flow can appear due to medical situations but can also happen when your body is not aligned while sleeping.


As soon as you sleep your blood pressure starts to drop. The best way to eliminate pressure is by setting up an adjustable bed. The traditional mattress does not provide proper pressure and hence increases the work of the heart while sleeping.

When you are slightly inclined from your normal position you breath better as the windpipe is open. Certain positions can help you enhance blood circulation and heart issues.

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Leg Swelling

Many people go through the swollen legs condition – from pregnant women to those with illness, elderly people, or those with a hurt limb. When you sleep flat the fluids intensify the swelling and inflammation. This leads to more pain and restlessness in the night and painful mornings.


A study suggests that legs should be raised 3 times a day to eliminate swelling effects. Using the benefits of an bed with adjustable feature frames make it easier to keep your legs elevated into a comfortable position.


Additionally, a person facing pulmonary edema can keep their head and chest areas elevated. An adjustable bed can improve your circulation and push back the blood and fluid into the circulatory system instead of pooling to your legs.

Provides Accessibility and Offers Comfort levels

Comfort is an important factor when you need a good night’s sleep. Many individuals have to stay in bed all day long due to medical conditions.


You can easily position the adjustable bed into different angles so you can comfortably do your task. The benefits of adjustable bed allow individuals to accomplish tasks like writing and eating while providing good support to their neck and back.


The bed offers a zero gravity position which alleviates the pressure from the spine and allows a great position to read in bed. You can easily watch the TV while your feet are up.


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Improves Lifestyle

We know how difficult it can be to rest or read a book without the perfect pile of pillows. It is time-consuming and frustrating to manage every pillow in the proper place for comfort.


Many people nowadays like to work, watch TV, or read a book on the bed. The flat mattresses are not designed for such activities. The addition of an adjustable bed to your bedroom is a perfect choice.


Additionally the main benefits of adjusting bed is that it turns the bed into a cushion, easy to position a comfortable recliner chairThe bed provides you a healthier positioning and gives you an enhanced lifestyle.



Further independence

When an individual has a disability, illness, or accident, getting out of bed can be a hard task. The base of an adjustable bed can aid additional independence when it comes to getting in and out of the bed without help.


Raising the one end can provide support for standing up or lying down on the bed without any assistance. Using the adjustable bed provides you comfort and lets you move without disturbing your sleep partner. You can easily have your own bed inclination without annoying your partner.


Many beds now provide built-in massage features. A higher-top model comes with a different time of mode for massage as well as timers. Adjustable beds require very low maintenance. Not much labor work is required to assemble the bed or pump the air.



Beds with adjustable feature with 30-40 degrees inclination are more than enough and are most popular. The bed gives you different warranty periods but the full warranty is generally of 5 years.

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