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Updated: 2021, Apr 28

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ELENKER Compact upright Walker:

Heavy Duty

ELENKER Heavy Duty Upright Walker


ELENKER Padded Seat and backrest:

  • ELENKER Compact Walker

  • ELENKER Heavy Duty Upright Walker

  • ELENKER Padded Seat and backrest

  • ELENKER All-Terrain Upright

  • ELENKER Shock absorber Walker

  • ELENKER Tall Upright walker

Walkers have become an essential addition for older adults and people having trouble walking properly. It is a known fact that after a certain age, we struggle to maintain our posture, and thus we require external help. Unfortunately, we become dependent on others. This is where upright walkers come in handy. People can use them and get back their confidence in walking up straight, and they need not depend on other people to walk properly. Upright walkers are not only just for aged people but also for individuals recovering from an accident that took away their mobility.

Elenkar, as a brand, has thrived on providing people with the best mobility solutions at an affordable price. They are committed to innovation and thus come up with the best tech available for mobility solutions.

Elenkar has always been passionate about solving the mobility issues one faces after an injury or surgery. They want their customers to have that sense of independence wherein you don’t have to rely much on people and, of course, the painful crutches.

How do we review upright walkers?

We will be reviewing six Elenkar upright walkers so that you can understand their specific features and which one you should go for.

We are committed to providing you with an unbiased review and bringing forth the truth about the products. We had gone through hundreds of user reviews and researched the product deeply before we went on providing you with our impartial review.

We have also talked with many experts and kept in mind the details they enlightened us about. Rest assured, when you go through our article, you can expect an original and honest review so that you make the right choice for yourself.

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5 Best Elenker walker review:

1. ELENKER Compact Walker:

Elenkar compact walker is one of the best compact upright walkers for elderly people with disabilities. It has two large wheels in the front and rear to support your mobility actions; the front wheels are 10 inches in size, and the rear wheels are 8 inches.

The walker is packed with additional obstacle aid pedals, which are very useful when someone uses it on the road. Talking about mobility, the big wheels make sure that the walker is easy to maneuver and doesn’t get stuck on uneven surfaces.

This walker is of a standard size and has padded seats. The seat materials are high-quality PU and Nylon. The obstacle aid pedals are a lifesaver when one needs to move around roads with potholes.


ELENKER Compact Walker’s specifications.

Adjustable Armrest Height: 38”-47.3″

Overall Dimensions: 28”(L)x25”(W)x44”-53”(H)

Recommended Height: 5’ to 6’2” totally upright (6’2″-6’4″ a little stoop)

Seat Dimensions: 18”(L)x10”(D)x22”(H, from ground)

Unit Weight: 24 lbs

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Wheels Size: 10” Front 8″ Rear

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2. ELENKER Heavy Duty Upright Walker

Just like the name suggests, this walker is for heavy-duty, or daily usage and the best part about it is its durability. The build is sturdy and can go through daily wear and tear.

The walker has an extra wide and deep seat which is beneficial for elderly users. It is equipped with an under-seat basket to carry personal belonging.

The dual braking system embedded in the walker is a good safety addition, and the user can just push it down to easily lock the walker when sitting. Additionally, it has an umbrella holder, which is a nifty yet thoughtful addition.


ELENKER Heavy Duty Upright Walker

Recommended Height Back Erect Totally: 5’3”-6’2”. A little Stoop: 6’2”-6’5”

Overall Dimensions: 29”(W)x31”(D)x42”-47”(H)

Armrest Height Range: 42”-47”(H)

Folding Flat: 29”(W)x49”(L)x11”(H)

Seat Dimensions: 22”(W)x14”(D)x20.5”(H)

Wheel Size: 8”

Product weight: 25 lbs

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Storage Bag: 18”(W)x11”(D)x6.9”(H)

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3. ELENKER walker with Padded Seat and backrest:

Elenkar’s padded seat and backrest walker are all about comfort and ease of movement. This walker is best for anyone looking for a comfortable walker and features memory foam padded seats and a backrest. It has a large capacity basket for your essentials.

The tube length is adjustable and has three height levels so that you can choose your desired backrest position. The braking system is ergonomic and good, and not to forget, the walker also has an umbrella holder.

You can adjust the walker to your desired height and can find your custom comfortable height spot. The obstacle assist pedals work fine and prevent any tripping over situations.


3. ELENKER walker with Padded Seat and backrest:

Recommended Height: 5’ to 5’11”

Overall Dimensions: 29”(L)x25”(W)x39”-45”(H)

Seat Dimensions: 19”(L)x14”(D)x21”-24”(H, from ground)

Adjustable Armrest Height: 39”-45”

Wheels Size: 8” Front and Rear

Unit Weight: 22 lbs

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

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4. ELENKER All-Terrain Upright walker

This is an all-terrain walker and what this means is that you can take this walker to different terrains. If you are using an Elenkar all-terrain upright walker, you can go through some bumpy roads and winding paths without any hassle.

It has lockable breaks, which is an essential requirement of any all-terrain walker. You have three height adjustment options to choose from, and it additionally helps you in having a good seating position.

The walker has 10-inch high-quality explosion-proof PU tires. The padded armrest is comfortable, and you can adjust the length. As it is an all-terrain walker, you can take it to bumpy roads, and the wheels are good enough to absorb shocks.


Drive Medical Rollator

Recommended Height: 4’8’’to 6’4”

Overall Dimensions: 30’’ (L) x 24.5” (W) x 38.6’’- 48.4’’ (H)

Seat Dimensions:  18.5’’ (L) x 10.6’’ (D) x 21.3’’-23.2’’ (H, from ground)

Adjustable Armrest Height:  38.6’’- 48.4’’

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5. ELENKER Shock absorber Walker

Built for bumpy roads, the Elenkar shock absorber walker is one to go for if you have shock absorption as the priority. This walker is designed for better safety and durability.

It has shock absorbers which reduce fatigue when the walker is used for a long run. The wheels are easy to roll and are 360-degree maneuverable. The breaks are sturdy and well built, and also a dual handbrake locking system in it.

The grip is adjustable, and the walker has a zipper carrying bag which is a nifty addition.

Anyone looking for a comfortable walker for the bumpy roads in their neighborhood, this particular product could be the one for them.


ELENKER Shock absorber Walker

Recommended Heights: Back Erect Totally: 5’1”-5’11” A little Stoop: 5’11”-6’1”

Overall Size: 25”(W) x29.5”(D) x 41”-46”(H)

Armrest Height Range: 40”-45”

Side to Side Folding: 12”(W) x 29.5”(D) x 41”-46”(H)

Seat Dimensions: 18.5” (L) x 10” (W)

Seat Height from Ground: 22.5”

Wheel Size: 10” Front + 8” Rear

Unit Weight: 22 lbs

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds


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6. ELENKER Tall Upright walker:

This walker by Elenkar has ten adjustable arm tube levels and three adjustable leg tube levels. The walker is highly customizable and thus is a convenient and easy buy for many people.

The build is sturdy and durable and is made out of aluminum, a very durable and light metal. It has cushioned seats and backrest support. The basket storage area is also provided and is quite spacious.

It has a dual braking system for safety, and the walker is designed precisely to make sure the balance is well maintained while walking.

An ideal product for anyone who wants many height adjustment settings and a stable walker.


ELENKER Tall Upright walker:

Recommended Heights: 4’8” to 6’”

Overall Size: 30”(L) x24.5”(W) x 38”-48.4”(H)

Armrest Height Range: 38.6 – 48.6

Side to Side Folding: 12”(W) x 29.5”(D) x 41”-46”(H)

Adjustable size height: 21.3” – 23.2”

Seat Height from Ground: 22.5”

Wheel Size: 10” Front + 8” Rear

Unit Weight: 30 lbs

Weight Capacity: 350 pounds

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Is Elenker a good brand?

Elenkar is a brand that has been delivering affordable mobility solutions consistently for years. Their products have good customer reviews, and people like their mobility equipment.

With their impeccable service and determined mission toward providing an independent lifestyle to disabled people, they gained a lot of goodwill.

Their products, on average, have 4 to 5-star ratings on all the e-commerce platforms where they are listed. Most of the written reviews are positive, and it is clear that Elenker knows how to satisfy their customers.

To be precise, Elenkar is a good mobility solutions brand, and one can trust them with their innovative and affordable products.

People Also Ask

Elenkar is located in the US, office address:13725 Pipeline Ave, building 30 Chino, CA, 91710.

On average, it weighs around 18lbs and above

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website, upright walkers are covered as durable medical equipment under Medicare Part B. Medicare will only pay for upright walkers if the supplier is enrolled in Medicare


There you go; this was a complete review article for the 6 Best Elenkar walkers. The above-mentioned products have their pros and cons; we have discussed them precisely so that you can choose the right product for yourself. A walker is a piece of essential and important equipment for the elderly, and we understand the seriousness it holds. Thus, we made sure the reviews were to the point and helpful.

You can choose the right Elenkar walker for yourself and keep walking independently. This was all about it. Keep walking, and stay healthy!