Do Adjustable Beds Really Help With Back Pain?

adjustable bed help the back pain

Back pain is a common problem, which is why there are so many different treatments. More often than not, people turn to chiropractors or yoga classes for relief. But what’s the role of the adjustable bed in addressing persistent pain.

What is an adjustable bed?

Beds that can be adjusted have long been linked with hospitals, the elderly or those who have mobility issues. Adjustable beds, which were originally used for this purpose have grown in popularity and are now utilised by people of all ages for health and lifestyle reasons.

What are the Health benefits of adjustable beds?

Due to adjustable bed health benefits, people are more attracted to adjustable beds, and hence many hospitals and health care facilities have begun offering adjustable beds in their offices, occupational therapy centers, and patients’ homes. Also, adjustable beds do cover medicare facilities.

Some say the bed helps improve blood circulation in the back. By lowering the body down into the bed and raising the legs up, the blood is directed into the lower extremities, improving circulation and helping circulation return to the legs.

Electrical adjustable beds make use of cutting-edge technology to make the transition from standing to lying down easier — a tough maneuver for persons with back problems. You can now adjust, recline, and lift your head to your favorite sleeping position, which is ideal for reading a book or watching TV. 

Adjustable beds and back pain

While using adjustable beds is generally considered to be a good option for those with back pain, some research has shown that it doesn’t actually lower the risk of developing back pain. 

However, getting comfortable so you can sleep is the objective. Consistent, full-night sleep is a primary factor in achieving better health.

Adjustable beds have moved beyond health care settings and have become commonly used in the home. Adjustable bed designs vary, but typically they allow the individual to raise or lower the upper body and legs. This positioning can be helpful in reducing back pain by shifting much of the weight off the back.    

Top-rated Adjustable beds are designed to move the upper body or the legs into alignment to reduce pain. It has been claimed that one of the pros of an adjustable bed is that an adjustable bed has the ability to make a broken back less painful, have more spasms, more fractures, and less pain.

Back Issues that an Adjustable Bed Might Help

Sleeping in an inclined or semi-upright position is more comfortable for some people than sleeping flat. In particular, some lower back and neck postures may be less worsened with an adjustable bed. Consider the case below: 

Spondylolisthesis degenerative: 

This disorder primarily affects the vertebrae and spine as people get older. When one vertebra moves forward over the one below it, this happens.

People over the age of 65 are more likely to have this illness. Sleeping in a standard bed might exacerbate this condition’s pain and suffering.

On the other hand, an adjustable bed enables users with degenerative spondylolisthesis to sleep in a recliner. This relieves some of the agony and suffering. 


People who have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis frequently have stiffness in their joints when they wake up.

On a standard bed, this could result in a general lack of sleep and lethargy and fatigue throughout the day.

Adjustable beds enable you to sleep on an incline, which provides better support at the back and knees alleviating both the pain and the stiffness. 

Spinal Stenosis: 

Spinal stenosis is a disorder that occurs when the gaps in the spine narrow, putting pressure on the nerves.

This illness may be asymptomatic in some people, but it causes a lot of pain, discomfort, and sleeplessness in others.

Leaning forward rather than standing upright is more comfortable for people with this problem. As a result, patients with this illness should avoid sleeping on a conventional or flat mattress.

An adjustable bed allows persons with spinal stenosis to sleep on an inclination, reducing the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. 

What is the Cost of adjustable beds?

Although certain types are inexpensive, the majority of adjustable beds cost between $1,000 and $3,500. With price comes an increase in the quality of the base, as well as the amount of options and built-in functions.


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According to our research and the customer review we can say an adjustable bed can help to reduce the lower back pain so before buying an adjustable bed check all its features, and if you have any suggestion hit the comment box.

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